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Before 2020 ends, a great conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn – Menopausal  Mother Nature2020 ends with a special astronomical event: on the December Solstice, the closest ‘great conjunction’ of Jupiter and Saturn in 397 years!

Saturn is almost completely obscured by Jupiter, almost an occultation. An occultation won’t actually happen for thousands of years, although this one’s pretty close. On Monday December 21st, Jupiter and Saturn will seem as if they are dancing very close together indeed, the closest they’ve been since 1623. [Image MotherNature.News]



What does a Jupiter occultation of Saturn signify? A whole lotta change, I figure!

Conjunctions are called ‘planetary wars’ in Indian astrology, as both planets vie for space. Saturn wins this time around, by most accounts – in it’s own sign, during the Saturnine time of year, while Jupiter itself is weaken in Capricorn, although Jupiter is obscuring Saturn, ie, laws and ‘truth’ obscure reality. There is a fight for what is right and true, most likely expressed in debates about the best way to move forward, in all spheres of life.

Great Conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn, 21 December 2020 -  skyatnightmagazineEverytime Jupiter and Saturn come together, there is a reset in the world, in the socio-economic and political spheres, which have a knock-on effect on everything else. This is a turning point in human history, in our social-economic and political framework. And although this occurs every 20 years, just as it did in 2000, 1980, 1960 etc, this one is particularly impactful due to Jupiter and Saturn’s proximity, and the fact that it is taking place on the Solstice. [Image BBC Sky at Night Magazine]

​As much as Saturn represents rules and structures, it represents a breaking of these, a rebelliousness.

I cannot help but think this winter is going to be a little wild, as people get a little stir crazy locked up, with laws (Jupiter) dictating what we can and cannot do (Saturn).

Perhaps the escape that is necessary at this time is an escape within, as it’s said, ‘the only way out is in’. ​

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