Sunday Spirituality | . if zen . Voice of Suzen zen poetry

For many of us in the Western World, Sunday is still a day to slow down, take time out and reset. Awareness on Spirituality brings the Sacred into the day . . . and a focus on beauty and our own truth restores and replenishes us: Self, Soul and Spirit. My Sunday poetry is myContinue reading “Sunday Spirituality | . if zen . Voice of Suzen zen poetry”

Friday Tea-time . . . zen and the art of the tea-way to destress and thrive

Zen is not a religion, it is not merely a philosophy. It is a unique way of living simply, with meditation, values and virtues. Zen has been called “the religion without a god” which respects the divinity within all . . . these are our values and virtues harmony, tranquility, purity and reverence the teaContinue reading “Friday Tea-time . . . zen and the art of the tea-way to destress and thrive”

yin.zen vegan thrive – small steps to Balance

A Blog to Beautify our Art of Living Yin is Flow. Zen is Living Mindfully. Yin.Zen is Susan Ni Rahilly’s teaching for living with Flow, with reverence for Essence and practising daily with Devotion to awaken awareness of Divine Feminine. Small steps to Balance leading to a more heart-centred future for Humanity. “I was wonderingContinue reading “yin.zen vegan thrive – small steps to Balance”