zen of Destiny . . . nothing is broken

I had 3 sub-titles for this Blog : “Don’t Hold Back on Destiny . . . my zen is always with me” and “zen of Destiny . . . and accepting it exactly as it is”. I decided on “nothing is broken”: so, zen of Destiny . . . nothing is broken. .   ThisContinue reading “zen of Destiny . . . nothing is broken”

Monday Motivations | creativity a-la zen.vegan.thrive

I like creating “spaces” for my own creativity to grow and inspiring and being inspired by other creative people who thrive on the unexpectedness of both what we call the “creative discomfort” of inspiration and the deeply intuitive ways we have to manifest.   So, welcome to Monday Motivations! Today – my first offering: itContinue reading “Monday Motivations | creativity a-la zen.vegan.thrive”

Sunday Spirituality | . if zen . Voice of Suzen zen poetry

For many of us in the Western World, Sunday is still a day to slow down, take time out and reset. Awareness on Spirituality brings the Sacred into the day . . . and a focus on beauty and our own truth restores and replenishes us: Self, Soul and Spirit. My Sunday poetry is myContinue reading “Sunday Spirituality | . if zen . Voice of Suzen zen poetry”

Friday Tea-time . . . zen and the art of the tea-way to destress and thrive

Zen is not a religion, it is not merely a philosophy. It is a unique way of living simply, with meditation, values and virtues. Zen has been called “the religion without a god” which respects the divinity within all . . . these are our values and virtues harmony, tranquility, purity and reverence the teaContinue reading “Friday Tea-time . . . zen and the art of the tea-way to destress and thrive”

zen is not a cop out . . . it’s a Way to thrive

Zenity is my term for “sanity by zen” . . . And there’s not much more sane than you realising that you are actually your own buddha. Your mind can open up to what is true in your life just for you. . Zen, or living daily with contemplation and meditation, is constantly changing. ItContinue reading “zen is not a cop out . . . it’s a Way to thrive”