Tuesday Teachings – thrive | Thrive #1: Simplicity

One of the most important virtues we need to live consciously as a vegan, and practising and living with zen in our lives, to live well and thrive, is simplicity. Being able to live simply may be what we need as the grounding anchor in going through the changes we face during the next fewContinue reading “Tuesday Teachings – thrive | Thrive #1: Simplicity”

zen of getting reverence into the life in my day

Getting reverence into our day, or as I say it “into the life in my day” is the way we radiate out the qualities and values of living with zen to all others [including animals], plants and planet. Zen has been called “the religion without a god” which respects the divinity within all . .Continue reading “zen of getting reverence into the life in my day”