“Not-Xmas” – zen of seeking comfort in times of sadness

The zen of “not a . . . . christmas for all of us” | a religion, a family tradition, a way of life does not suit all of us and we may not have been born into a family that truly accepts us for the true being we are. I write mainly about myContinue reading ““Not-Xmas” – zen of seeking comfort in times of sadness”

Tuesday Teachings – thrive | Compassion #1

One of the most important virtues we need to live consciously as a vegan, and practising and living with zen in our lives, is compassion. We may need it by the bucketload in going through the changes we face during the next few years.   A very small insight: This week I’m practising the shortContinue reading “Tuesday Teachings – thrive | Compassion #1”