Tuesday Teachings – thrive | Breath and Breathing #1

After a month long period of working on creating a new spiritual zen and yoga program, focusing on teaching gentle breath awareness has been wonderful . . . and mainly because awe and wonder come as always in remembering and entering into the beginner’s mind, as we are continually supposed to as zen teachers. Personally,Continue reading “Tuesday Teachings – thrive | Breath and Breathing #1”

Friday Tea-time . . . the zen destressing art and our teas | Turmeric [Golden] Tea and mind care

Friday tea-time, and time to take time out for our tea-way ritual. This week the focus is on Turmeric [Golden] Tea, which is not a true tea at all, being a root of the Ginger family and known as Golden Tea. Cultivate the Tea habit to care for your mind The Zen Way of Tea,Continue reading “Friday Tea-time . . . the zen destressing art and our teas | Turmeric [Golden] Tea and mind care”

How Do I “zen-up” My Day . . ?

Whenever I’m taking the time to focus my attention on “Zen-ing up My Day”, people around me notice and I’m always being asked : ” . . . WHAT do you do?”  The effects are that obvious, and I AM the teacher! “Zenity” is my term for the beneficial effects that a zen practice andContinue reading “How Do I “zen-up” My Day . . ?”

yin.zen vegan thrive – small steps to Balance

A Blog to Beautify our Art of Living Yin is Flow. Zen is Living Mindfully. Yin.Zen is Susan Ni Rahilly’s teaching for living with Flow, with reverence for Essence and practising daily with Devotion to awaken awareness of Divine Feminine. Small steps to Balance leading to a more heart-centred future for Humanity. “I was wonderingContinue reading “yin.zen vegan thrive – small steps to Balance”