Review: SuZen spoken word EP | The Love Poems of Rumi

SuZen – Love Poems of Rumi EP

SuZen isn’t just a musician or entertainer. She is a true spiritual master, who has changed many lives for over 25 years of being a teacher and practitioner of Zen, yoga, and more. Recently, she has devoted her talents to creating beautiful meditational music. Her songs are soothing, blissful and filled with stunning melodies, which will give listeners a sense of inner peace and calm – perfect as a way to truly help to heal the mind, body, and soul!

SuZen’s most recent release is an EP titled “Love Poems of Rumi.” The songs on this remarkable release actually have a really clean and bright production tone. This allows SuZen to significantly enhance the listening experience, as well as highlighting the natural perks of her unique artistry and positive energy.

One of the most interesting things about this EP is definitely the fact that SuZen was able to use a stunning narrative approach when coming up with the songs on this release. Every track follows a narrative journey, and the message that SuZen wants to share is very universal and touching. Love is not always the easiest of all paths. However, if you are brave enough to undertake it, and are willing to open up your heart to it, you are certainly going to be able to enjoy many fulfilling rewards, because love is one of the most powerful forces in our universe!

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Namaste, SuZen

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