zen is not a cop out . . . it’s a Way to thrive

Zenity is my term for “sanity by zen” . . .

And there’s not much more sane than you realising that you are actually your own buddha. Your mind can open up to what is true in your life just for you.


Zen, or living daily with contemplation and meditation, is constantly changing. It has a Spirit of its own that has been travelling for 2,500 years, let’s say two and a half thousand years. But we know of zen teachings 4,000 years ago.

As a way to a peaceful and joyful life, it has not only survived but thrived – and for a very simple reason. Accepting life simply and exactly as it is, here and now.


Sometimes, we don’t know what we want until we get it. On the other hand, there are times when we don’t know what we don’t want until we’ve got it. Believe you me, I know that to be true. So, in order to be okay – and not be disappointed all the time – we make the best of whatever we have.

And I’ll be a bit “Yorkshire” here – drawing back on my upbringing in the North of England – this can feel like a “cop-out”: as if we’re just making do with a situation that really is unsatisfactory. But this is not just a Way, as in an Art, or a strategy . . . in zen we say, our arts are our ways, so it’s not a strategy to cope. No, it’s not.

This is how we thrive. It’s a Way . . .


Zen, or living daily with contemplation and meditation, is constantly changing.


Your happiness lies in being able to appreciate all the very different aspects of your life and yourself: the whole of who you are: and being in harmony with all those different aspects – a person of Unity.

Namaste, or gassho [whichever word suits you, it means the same]

I honour the Spirit of the Universe that dwells within you,



This might help . . . my podcast on “zen is not a cop-out”

For you to realise you are your own buddha is all you need to know.

Friday Tea-time . . . thrive of the zen tea way | Galangal

Galangal and Lime Flowers Tea


I came upon this totally by chance – the local health food shop was giving away “close to sell-by-date” herbs . . . don’t ask, that’s a discussion for another day . . . intuitively I picked out these two herbs: Galangal is Indian Blue Ginger (one of the ingredients in Thai Red curry paste) this was the dried root.

When I got home I made a tea by infusing half a teaspoon of Galangal with 2 teaspoons of Lime Flowers – it was delicious and seemed to be hitting a “spot” for me.

Researching this combination later that evening, I found that this is a traditional Indian combination which acts as a tonic – or as a relaxant if that is what is needed. Yoga and Ayurveda act like that, the more you need it, the more it gives.

What I also discovered was that it has been used for centuries for skin toning and refreshing. My skin had been feeling dry for a few days previous to this. I carried on drinking the tea for a few more days, my skin brightened considerably – and it was another of those mini-Eureka moments: one more time I had intuitively chosen what I needed, and one more time it was freely available (and also I nearly tripped myself up, walking into the box of give-away herbs).



My suggestion: you can start your art of tea drinking to de-stress on a Friday tea-time with your new chosen tea for the week. Relax and appreciate what nature has given us all!


yin.zen vegan thrive – small steps to Balance

A Blog to Beautify our Art of Living

Yin is Flow. Zen is Living Mindfully. Yin.Zen is Susan Ni Rahilly’s teaching for living with Flow, with reverence for Essence and practising daily with Devotion to awaken awareness of Divine Feminine. Small steps to Balance leading to a more heart-centred future for Humanity.

“I was wondering how to say something that is very simple, when we live in a world that has become so complex. My solution was to take a reading from the I Ching for our guidance, just when I had emerged from a period of grief and healing myself . . . This was the reading: ” Susan

“Small Exceeding: Essence of Wisdom in the Small”

Essence of Wisdom: In their conduct, wise people give preponderance to reverence . . . in bereavement, they give preponderance to grief. In expenditure, they give preponderance to thrift.”  I Ching

Preponderance of the Small

Thunder on the Mountain . . . this is the image of “preponderance of the small”:  It is “The Tower Moment” in the Light Seer Tarot deck

Finding Heaven: finding the Goddess

They say “the devil is in the detail” but actually “the angel is in the detail”. . . if we want to find the “angel” in our current situation, the hope, the inspiration, the positivity in a way forward – you may have to accept that there is no way to see what is the truth at the moment, you can’t gain perspective no matter how much you would like to. And each time you attempt to attain this something stops you, being drawn back by a factor which is relatively small and seemingly irrelevant but which somehow seems so important and so pressing, and which contains so many grounds for argument and contention that no further discussion of the wider picture can take place. That’s the devil in the detail.

But, it’s also where the angel might be found.

Keep looking until you see it. Think of the difference between a hologram and a photograph : if you tear off the corner of a picture, that’s all you’ve got. But if you break a hologram then every single piece of the bigger picture is actually contained within the small one. By attending to detail, by getting the factors that you can get right, by drawing other people’s attention to the parallels within the smaller picture and what it might be telling you about the bigger picture, you can gradually create the focus, intention and the understanding which will eventually lead to new appreciation, and the recognition and the sense of progress which is so much required.

Deal with what you can deal with

The I Ching is advising us not to become frustrated: it’s saying “deal with what you can deal with and don’t worry . . . little things count a lot. If we take care of the little things now, the big things will take care of themselves.

Essence of small in the Wisdom: Yin Zen Soma

Yin Zen Soma is my teaching: taking small steps in Ancient practices, with baby steps leading you to openings and awakenings within : revealing your true being nature and your “purpose-ful-ness”.

This is not the Western education style of achievement by stages – this is an Ancient initiation style of evolving your consciousness which needs to get back to balance regularly with each new opening in awareness and spirituality.

The Essence is compassionate, heart-centered, awakening Divine Feminine. The qualities we care for in small ways are Mother-centred: patient, caring, simple, profound.

Practices to Initiate you to the Yin Zen Soma path are small, daily and flowing. Check the Practices section here in the menu above. Earth Empaths practices upload on Saturdays for daily practice, and Daily Flow in Practice is with the main Lunar Phases. These are free, and you’ll be directed to The Kindest Revolution website. Namaste. Enjoy!



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