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yinzen.vegan.thrive’s monthly music feature: so happy to be featuring Thanos and his hauntingly beautiful music – I asked Thanos to talk us thro “His Music” and his journey of [almost] a lifetime . . . SuZen



Let’s Start With the Inspiration . . . or “The Vision”

” . . . around me I see that we are all going backwards. I see that people’s minds become smaller and smaller. I see all our values become less and less, but I believe very much in People . . .

. . .  maybe I’m wrong. . . ? . . . We will see . . . ? And I always hope.” Thanos


The Journey

I asked Thanos to tell us how his journey started, and where he is on his path so far . . .



Thanos | Excerpt from Tears Like Rain



Thanos | Justice Tree

Thanos with his new Album Justice Tree has surpassed himself with this hauntingly beautiful music – gaining in emotion and feeling this takes you to another world. A totally stunning musical experience and one you’ll want to return to again and again. Ambient music takes us on a “zen journey”, from existential spaciousness, thro darkness, our own blindness of narrow vision and emerging in the final track as empowering strains of strength rising in our Soul. You’ll want to listen over and over to the meditation medicine in Thanos’ music, he calls it Progressive Rock.

Here’s a Review:

I’m quoting here from music reviewer Igor Abinormal’s “hot off the press” piece on The Justice Tree: “Thanos is a wonderfully talented musician, writing, and playing all instruments all on his own, Trent Reznor style. I find myself wanting to immerse myself more and more into the ethereal notes that flow from Thanos like falling leaves from a tree.

“My favorite music thus far is, and probably always will be “Tears Like Rain” , but The Justice Tree is making it to the top of my list as well. It lifts you up into the air and drops you down, pulls you this way and that way, much like the emotional roller coaster that is our lives. If you have not had the chance to check out my friend Thanos Art, I suggest you do so very soon. No matter what style of music you may like, you will find yourself slowly but surely being pulled under by Thanos’ desire to love you with his music, and to fulfill your need and right to be entertained!!!” [Link to the full review is below]


April 2019 Thanos was signed by Dr John’s Surgery, UK Record Label : Justice Tree, his new album is available to buy or stream here.

Some Credits

Progressive Rock Album , written and recorded by Thanos . All instruments played by Thanos. Art work original painting by Tina Dimitropoulou , mixing-mastering by Vangelis Sapounas SUBWAY STUDIOS.

[Subscribe to Thanos’ YouTube Channel – Thanos Art]

Social Media and Links:


Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/thanosart

Twitter: https://twitter.com/thanosar

Stream or Buy Justice Tree here: https://store.eezy2.co.uk/product/thanos-justice-tree/

Igor Abinormal: https://www.facebook.com/igor.abinormal.1







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