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The Kindest Revolution Weekly Newspaper


Chapter 1: Human

Rana Plaza, Bangladesh

Boohoo and NastyGal

Prioritising the Human experience

The White and Green Story

Rising Above the Covid-19 Crisis


Chapter 2: Social

Yuval Noah Harari, Sapiens, 2011

Social Sustainability: Satisfying human needs

101 Cookbooks and the Kiva Lending Story

Life is Easy, Jon Jandai


Chapter 3: Economic

Child poverty

Fortunes of billionaires

UN Inspector investigates UK poverty


Global poverty facts


Oikonomia, Dr Vandana Shiva

Kyle Vialli interview

Chapter 4: Environment

Bloomberg Green

Climate Change 

Migration and Refugees

How to Talk to your Kids about Climate Change, Climate Mama

Niamh Traynor, Living Simply and Fairyland Cottage

The Organic Movement

A Simplicity Revolution, Dr Vandana Shiva

Catherine Ulissey, Aquarius and the Cosmic Currents


Chapter 5: Spiritual

I Declare World Peace

Living with Zen Values

Satyagraha Dr Vandana Shiva

The Organic Movement

We’re at the end of the Age of Pisces: and Kali Yuga

Catherine Ulissey: Aquarius

Dr Robert Schoch: Forgotten Civilization

Tribute to John Anthony West

Dr Cat Saunders’ interview with Sandra Ingerman

Professor Joseph Campbell: Power of Myth

Sheldon Kopp: If you Meet the Buddha on the Road Kill Him, 1982

Inspiration and a heart-based way to our future

Vicki Noble: author of Shakti Woman 1991, matriarchal resources are in her online store Dr Cat Saunders’ interview with Vicki Noble



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