Spirit of Zen … Be Your Own Buddha in the Aquarius Age

I was drawn to give this blog a sub-title: Spirit of Our Times, Spirit of Zen … but “Be Your Own Buddha in the Aquarius Age” seemed to suit better—read on to understand my process.—Susan 2,000 years have passed now since the birth of the Christian Era, The Piscean Age, an astrological age which probablyContinue reading “Spirit of Zen … Be Your Own Buddha in the Aquarius Age”

zen of destiny – what gets in the way: mind clusters

‘I’m continuing my blog theme here: “Nothing is broken . . . ” the zen of our destiny.’—Susan Remember what the Zen Master realised: the ordinary sincere person has all they need to awaken – nothing is missing. Sincerity and wisdom are all that is required because wisdom is the Divine state of mind fromContinue reading “zen of destiny – what gets in the way: mind clusters”

For One Day Connect With The Sky Goddess

A Great Awakening is coming . . . . . . a Great Awakening that is far louder and stronger and more interesting than the sleepy resignation and corrosive maliciousness and ignominious decline that the media prefers to focus on. Civilization may be unraveling in a lot of areas; some of its structures may beContinue reading “For One Day Connect With The Sky Goddess”

thrive is the zen art of living in motion/meditation in action

thrive is . . . paying attention to all the human needs we have on a daily basis . . . the zenity of all the seemingly small and automatic processes and systems of the miraculous human being . . . allowing order into daily life so we can see divine presence in all livingContinue reading “thrive is the zen art of living in motion/meditation in action”

The Zen Way of Peace in Chaotic Times

  There are 2 schools of thought about how we ought to be in life . . . one of them has definitely been very popular, and it’s dominated human thought in society for many hundreds of years, even if not thousands. And that is that it’s all to do with the survival of theContinue reading “The Zen Way of Peace in Chaotic Times”

Living with Flow is Living Powerfully: with “The Song of the Universe”

  Life, and the world, challenges me no end . . . and my resources. So, as a Teacher of Ancient Eastern Wisdom Paths to Liberation I delve deep, I practice, teach and trust.—Susan We’re at a moment in Eternity. And like Gandhi who when toughly challenged to be inspirational and responsible turned to BaghavadContinue reading “Living with Flow is Living Powerfully: with “The Song of the Universe””

Living with Zen Values

Living consciously with Zen in your life is very much about living moment-to-moment in awareness and simply being true to your own nature. This way of Zen enriches your life and helps you discover your full potential: and as you live this way, your life becomes deeper and fuller. Here are three simple steps alongContinue reading “Living with Zen Values”

Healing the Earth’s “Third Eye”

  Those of you who are in a regular mind-body-spirit practice are aware of and in tune with your own Chakras. Our Planet also has Chakras: energetic gateways to higher consciousness of the Earth.   The Earth’s “Third Eye” Chakra So, as our own personal Chakras are psychic gateways to higher energy and our potentialContinue reading “Healing the Earth’s “Third Eye””

Organic — Pure Love Unencumbered — A Call to Action

To write about my love for and devotion to living an Organic lifepath, is to write about Essence and living close to Source – and it feels like being held in the hand of God/Goddess, it is that expansive. So, as I usually do in my writings for you, I’ll try to get right toContinue reading “Organic — Pure Love Unencumbered — A Call to Action”

We’re at the End of the Age of Pisces and Kali Yuga

“At this point in time in humanity’s history and evolution we’re at the end of the Age of Pisces. Western astrological ages are 2,000 years in time-span. In the Sun’s precessional cycle measured by Equinoxes, the ages are around 2,150 years, and there’s an ending period anything from 50 – 500 years. We’re also atContinue reading “We’re at the End of the Age of Pisces and Kali Yuga”