zen of getting reverence into the life in my day

Getting reverence into our day, or as I say it “into the life in my day” is the way we radiate out the qualities and values of living with zen to all others [including animals], plants and planet. Zen has been called “the religion without a god” which respects the divinity within all . .Continue reading “zen of getting reverence into the life in my day”

How Do I “zen-up” My Day . . ?

Whenever I’m taking the time to focus my attention on “Zen-ing up My Day”, people around me notice and I’m always being asked : ” . . . WHAT do you do?”  The effects are that obvious, and I AM the teacher! “Zenity” is my term for the beneficial effects that a zen practice andContinue reading “How Do I “zen-up” My Day . . ?”

zen of Destiny . . . nothing is broken

I had 3 sub-titles for this Blog : “Don’t Hold Back on Destiny . . . my zen is always with me” and “zen of Destiny . . . and accepting it exactly as it is”. I decided on “nothing is broken”: so, zen of Destiny . . . nothing is broken. .   ThisContinue reading “zen of Destiny . . . nothing is broken”