Freeing Our-self to be Human

Freeing ourselves to be human is a way of opening up to true compassion, and a way of living with a kind, pure heart: a little bit of the Zen of living simply . . . but which adds up to a totality. This is healing, and the healing comes in the acceptance that theContinue reading “Freeing Our-self to be Human”

Zen of Evolving into Happiness

The world is changing and it’s changing fast, it’s going through a profound process. We can see it happening all around: open a newspaper, talk to someone, talk to anyone and they’ll all tell you things they once found were sure and certain in their lives are no longer such stable factors. Ideas, beliefs, opinionsContinue reading “Zen of Evolving into Happiness”

Finding “Golden-ness” Every Day With Zen

Harmonising, simplicity and daily ordering In living with Zen, and with a regular practice, we’re acknowledging and respecting our innate Buddha mind, our individual Buddha hearts and of course our own Buddha nature. So the essence of our life becomes in regularly placing ourselves in a silent, simple place of harmonising with humanity.    Continue reading “Finding “Golden-ness” Every Day With Zen”

Learning From The Masters | Thursday Thoughts …

Everyone is seeking balance in life, and as far as I know it as a teacher, balance comes with the steps to life-freedom, which is the philosophy of Yoga, together with practice, and values for your life. What is the lasting approach to finding balance? Here are some quotes to get that balance we allContinue reading “Learning From The Masters | Thursday Thoughts …”

Zen Loves You

Zenity is my term for Sanity by Zen—it might be the sanest thing in an insane world! I also say it’s for broken people living meaningless lives. Zen has always accepted that Humanity has a heartbreak. We’re all broken to some degree—mainly broken in our hearts: and Zen gives deep healing ways and joy forContinue reading “Zen Loves You”

Zenity: sanity by living simply with zen in an insane world

“Zenity” is my term for the beneficial effects that a zen practice and a regular routine have on us. So, sanity by zen. Living simply and in the moment becomes the daily ordering principle which brings not only a peaceful tranquil mind, but also the tremendous joy of being able to bring the sacred intoContinue reading “Zenity: sanity by living simply with zen in an insane world”

Spirit of Zen … Be Your Own Buddha in the Aquarius Age

I was drawn to give this blog a sub-title: Spirit of Our Times, Spirit of Zen … but “Be Your Own Buddha in the Aquarius Age” seemed to suit better—read on to understand my process.—Susan 2,000 years have passed now since the birth of the Christian Era, The Piscean Age, an astrological age which probablyContinue reading “Spirit of Zen … Be Your Own Buddha in the Aquarius Age”

zen of destiny – what gets in the way: mind clusters

‘I’m continuing my blog theme here: “Nothing is broken . . . ” the zen of our destiny.’—Susan Remember what the Zen Master realised: the ordinary sincere person has all they need to awaken – nothing is missing. Sincerity and wisdom are all that is required because wisdom is the Divine state of mind fromContinue reading “zen of destiny – what gets in the way: mind clusters”

Values : The “What Enhances Life the Most?” Edition … The Weekly Newspaper #10 Susan’s Editorial Saturday October 17th, 2020

Welcome to this week’s Newspaper | The What Matters the Most Edition! Is it really that simple, we can choose what matters most to us and happiness is ours, if we just value it? Yes, what we value now will become our future. I’m proud to say this is the first “Values” edition of TheContinue reading “Values : The “What Enhances Life the Most?” Edition … The Weekly Newspaper #10 Susan’s Editorial Saturday October 17th, 2020″

thrive is the zen art of living in motion/meditation in action

thrive is . . . paying attention to all the human needs we have on a daily basis . . . the zenity of all the seemingly small and automatic processes and systems of the miraculous human being . . . allowing order into daily life so we can see divine presence in all livingContinue reading “thrive is the zen art of living in motion/meditation in action”