The Silent Language of the Heart

The heart has its own language, it’s a silent language of devotion, compassion, kindness and trust. In our Zen and Yoga path we have many, many practices to work with this energy center, the space of the heart, and so I used to teach these over a few classes or workshops. Our yogic practices helpContinue reading “The Silent Language of the Heart”

Zen of Evolving into Happiness

The world is changing and it’s changing fast, it’s going through a profound process. We can see it happening all around: open a newspaper, talk to someone, talk to anyone and they’ll all tell you things they once found were sure and certain in their lives are no longer such stable factors. Ideas, beliefs, opinionsContinue reading “Zen of Evolving into Happiness”

Zen of Reaching the Emotional Maturity to Say : “this is our destiny” …

You know those signs we see in retail shops and supermarkets: “The impossible we can do now, miracles take a little longer …”? Yes, it’s funny but there is an element of truth in the sentiment. The idea of course being that the impossible does sometimes require a great deal from us but somehow orContinue reading “Zen of Reaching the Emotional Maturity to Say : “this is our destiny” …”

Finding “Golden-ness” Every Day With Zen

Harmonising, simplicity and daily ordering In living with Zen, and with a regular practice, we’re acknowledging and respecting our innate Buddha mind, our individual Buddha hearts and of course our own Buddha nature. So the essence of our life becomes in regularly placing ourselves in a silent, simple place of harmonising with humanity.    Continue reading “Finding “Golden-ness” Every Day With Zen”

7 First Steps on an Organic Life Path

We’re here, alive on this Planet to be happy. Organic living is about being a better, happier human being by making an incredible choice for your life and choosing the power of living positively. The benefits of an Organic life path, therefore, simply are all the spiritual and emotional benefits of inviting positivity into ourContinue reading “7 First Steps on an Organic Life Path”

Zenity: sanity by living simply with zen in an insane world

“Zenity” is my term for the beneficial effects that a zen practice and a regular routine have on us. So, sanity by zen. Living simply and in the moment becomes the daily ordering principle which brings not only a peaceful tranquil mind, but also the tremendous joy of being able to bring the sacred intoContinue reading “Zenity: sanity by living simply with zen in an insane world”

Living with Flow is Living Powerfully: with “The Song of the Universe”

  Life, and the world, challenges me no end . . . and my resources. So, as a Teacher of Ancient Eastern Wisdom Paths to Liberation I delve deep, I practice, teach and trust.—Susan We’re at a moment in Eternity. And like Gandhi who when toughly challenged to be inspirational and responsible turned to BaghavadContinue reading “Living with Flow is Living Powerfully: with “The Song of the Universe””

Sustainability : Simple and S L O W … The Weekly Newspaper Edition #6 Susan’s Editorial Saturday September 19th, 2020

Welcome to this week’s Newspaper | Sustainability : Simple and S LO W ! When I first had a realisation of the simplicity and slowness of life intrinsic in sustainability, I could feel the numinous quality of Essence at my cellular body-level. I was living on a beach on the East Coast of Ireland andContinue reading “Sustainability : Simple and S L O W … The Weekly Newspaper Edition #6 Susan’s Editorial Saturday September 19th, 2020”

Organic — Pure Love Unencumbered — A Call to Action

To write about my love for and devotion to living an Organic lifepath, is to write about Essence and living close to Source – and it feels like being held in the hand of God/Goddess, it is that expansive. So, as I usually do in my writings for you, I’ll try to get right toContinue reading “Organic — Pure Love Unencumbered — A Call to Action”

We’re at the End of the Age of Pisces and Kali Yuga

“At this point in time in humanity’s history and evolution we’re at the end of the Age of Pisces. Western astrological ages are 2,000 years in time-span. In the Sun’s precessional cycle measured by Equinoxes, the ages are around 2,150 years, and there’s an ending period anything from 50 – 500 years. We’re also atContinue reading “We’re at the End of the Age of Pisces and Kali Yuga”