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“I am a firm believer that there´s many paths one can follow to find happiness. I also believe we should all choose what resonates with us. I have created my own method merging all of those things that made my soul sing. Through Yoga, Shamanism & Metaphysics I´ve manifested a life which feels sacred to me, which I honor and LOVE from the moment I wake up to the moment I go to bed & in between (Most of the time haha as much as my humanity allows) I want you to achieve the happiness I have achieved, even more so, in your own way, through your own passions and kick ass at life.” – Katie McLaughlin


” … it’s all about getting to a place of complete eye-opening fulfillment, secrets and magic!

Tales of a Shaman in the Making: The Awakening of the Self, by Katie McLaughlin —Review by Susan Ni Rahilly

“After years of walking around with a heavy heart and a longing for something sacred, Amber, a woman in her twenties, living in a big city, gets initiated in the path of the Shaman. With no clue of what she was getting herself into, she undergoes powerful andean rituals, awakens her psychic and mediumship abilities, and discovers that her mission here on Earth is far greater than she could’ve ever dreamed of. She discovers this mission has been unfolding over many lifetimes and in this life, she is expected to complete it. Obstacles present themselves, dark energies try to stop her and the awakening of her consciousness becomes inevitable as she understands even the most difficult circumstances in our lives, are there for a reason.”

Through her characters in her Tales, Katie illuminates the darkest and brightest moments of a journey for a “Shaman in the Making” and does it with a loving tone and an honest clarity. For those who haven’t been through a similar awakening in their lives, some of the story-telling might seem beyond far-fetched but for those of us who have, this is a tale that will make you feel like you’ve just remembered all that you’ve gone through: an emotional stretch through happiness, pure love and joy, to rage, confusion and depression … and it will fill you with gratitude and love. Katie’s writing draws her reader in for a deep and full immersion in a story that shows truthfully so much of what it is like to go through a complete Soul Acceptance of your own individual greatness.


Here are highlights I found inspirational—Susan

Right from the onset, through Amber’s experience of initiation we understand the lifelong commitment of a spiritual path … even with all the blood and guts, sweat and tears of a healing journey leading eventually to a love of being reborn into a closeness with Universe and God.

“The Tales” reveal relationships, both stressed and strengthened during hours and hours of healing learnings, rituals and processes of individuals experiencing their spiritual unfoldings in their own unique ways. Victoria is a very vivid character for me, an astrologer with her thin-ness, tattoos of mandalas and spiritual symbols decorating her arms and her sweet and patient bad-ass attitude, she’s a great counterpart for Amber, through whom the narrative unfolds in third-person storytelling. And, in the end, it’s all about getting to a place of complete eye-opening fulfillment, secrets and magic!

Also, for your illumination, there’s a Glossary or appendix of terms at the end of the book which is really helpful for newcomers to Shamanism or Spirituality. For example, I like this: “Playing small—essentially the act of holding your gifts, talents and spiritual light repressed within yourself rather than sharing them with the world and expanding it through the Universe. It manifests in the human experience through insecurity, low self-esteem, anxiety, doubt, fear, loneliness and others.”


Katie speaks about her path in Shamanism

“I never even knew what shamanism was before life offered my this sacred gift. I started studying the Wheel of Medicine in Panama City. After the year long training and a lot of sweat, blood and tears, I continued my studies in Australia, Bali, Sedona and Peru.


“In Australia I got certified as a Kahuna Bodyworker which is a form of massage therapy originated in Hawaii from Hawaiian Shamans and the Puna philosophy. In Peru I was initiated by the Q’ero shamans and received their original initiatory rituals or “karpays”, included a powerful healing baptism in the “Otorongo Macho” Lagoon. Through the instruction, I continue to share my perspectives and personal truths.


“During my travels to Bali and Sedona, I had the blessing to encounter, share and learn from local shamans and their own personalized view of healing and spirituality. Safe to say I have had so much fun learning about this ancient wisdom for modern day masters. Very grateful.”



And, the story behind Katie’s life-transformation?


“My story? Well. I basically lived in auto-pilot, allowing life to happen to me instead of taking charge, until the moment in which the Universe shook me hard enough.


‘I opened my eyes and realised, I found myself in a life which, honestly, seemed like someone else had picked for me. I had taken a part in every decision yet all I did was listen to others opinions of what my life should be. It felt like waking up from a bad dream in which, apparently …’


I had decided to become an architect. Woke up in the midst of it all and decided it was all wrong. Even though I felt very blessed, that life was not my own. I took charge and re-did my life. Now, I feel very different, I feel fulfilled.


‘I followed my soul’s wisdom and calling and became a shaman. Well, the modern yet soulful city version of a shaman.’


I learned to heal myself and others began asking for tips. Before I knew it, I found myself helping a LOT of people through my experience and, well, here we are.”




Katie McLaughlin is a Shamanic Healer, Past Life Regression Therapist and Author from Panama, who holds a mission to help her generation awaken their connection to their inner guidance system and their innate spirituality. She’s currently undergoing her training to become a Metaphysical Sciences, Philosophy and Parapsychology Ph.D. “Tales of a Shaman in the Making . . .”  is available from at this link [click here]. You can find Katie almost daily on her YouTube Channel Katie McLaughlin Awakened [click here], and at her website [click here]



A note on editorial integrity: All book and music reviews are featured by invitation only and in the Spirit of sharing for the greater good of Humanity with no financial gain expected. —Susan



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