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“A single drop of water can bring a flower to blossom. Therefore a single act of kindness can ripple out and touch all things in the universe. Walk each moment hand in hand with life and do not stray from this path; enlightenment is discovered in each step along the way.” Steve Leasock, Author of Simplicity of Life


We desire simplicity in our existence; but how do we reach it in a world that thrives on complexity? This “world” which we deem as being a true reality, is only a mind-made construction [what has been “made-up” by our mundane mind – ed].


Steve Leasock realized that there is more to life than what the mind has conditioned us to believe and accept as a reality – he asks us some profoundly simple questions: “Are you often confused, anxious or frightened? The reason is because you are much more than what you think or believe.”  His answer: The so-called complexities we encounter in daily activities are nothing more than misinterpretations of the now.

“The true self can not be truly experienced by using the mind in an attempt to find it.”


Words of Wisdom from Steve Leasock

Life is what it is; there is no way to truly define it. The human species has taken this state of simplicity and made it very complicated. Furthermore, this complexity, which we deem as being a true reality, is only a man-made construction.

We desire simplicity in our existence; but how do we reach it in a world that thrives on complexity? What has humankind done with the simplicity of life?

Every moment of life is, by true definition, the first, and the last of our human existence. Throughout most of human history we’ve been divided—stuck in structured behavior patterns and belief systems and confined to the stark cultural boundaries of a human-made world. This has led to feelings of confusion and loneliness, a constant sense of lacking as we search for something more.

The development of this world and the universe is dependent on what we think, what we desire and what we decide.

For the majority of humans, life comes and goes without ever seeing the open door in front of them. Now, more than ever, individuals are feeling the need to leave their old ways behind and recognize the universal intelligence that has always been our birthright.


Simplicity of Life is an exploration into self-awareness and human existence as a whole with ideas and insights that challenge the outdated belief systems of yore, and offers alternative ways of thinking that will allow anyone to tap into a larger and more universal consciousness. An increase in awareness has begun to pave the way toward unity.


How did Steve come upon his fundamental Life Philosophy? . . :

“I grew up in the American northern Appalachian Mountains and enjoyed the beauty and simplicity of nature and life in the tranquility of country living. I started writing poems and short stories during high school. There were experiences during my youth that were difficult but have enriched my understanding of life and humankind immensely. I spent over three years practically living out of a backpack as I traveled from place to place; working as a farmer, convention coordinator, bartender and D.J.” says Steve Leasock.

And, going on: “I studied Marketing and Management in America and later Psychology and Humanities in Europe; where I have lived for many years. This cultural diversity has nurtured and expanded my understanding of human nature and given me first-hand experiences with individuals from around the world.”

These are some of Steve’s Quotes:

“We are experiencing the energy of life and love has blossomed through this sharing experience.” —Steve Leasock

“It is best to emphasize again and again that spiritual awakening has nothing to do with reaching a divine state. Rather, it is the acknowledgement that every moment is about accepting life’s divinity.”
Steve Leasock
“The question I have is simple. Are we ready to stop this insidious mind game? We are conscious beings that have the capability to choose. The behavioral tendencies of a million years are strong. But, our conscious presence has the potential to be wiser, without needing to be stronger.”
Steve Leasock


Namaste, SuZen


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