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With the rare transit of Mercury over the Sun a few days ago, and with the communication planet still in its Retrograde phase, it was no surprise that some communication from the past would come to light – this transit only happens once every 13 years. And although the well known Indian book fair in Gurgaon happens more often, annually, very rarely do we get the gift of such a publication. Nandhiji is a Siddha Master – and Mastery of Consciousness is a treasure of Ancient wisdoms and teachings giving us insight into and knowledge of the legendary powers and visionary gifts of these ancient Indian Sages, the Siddhars.

Who were they and why would they be relevant to us now, today? There are many stories and descriptions of a group of spiritual beings who have passed down powerful teachings through a long lineage of enlightened, and extremely highly evolved, Masters – reaching us today during such uncertain times for Humanity. And that’s the key: these visionaries were not just aesthetes and ascetics: renowned as writers, scientists, delving into intricate understanding of air travel and communications as well as medicine and education, they were spiritual beings who had developed a mind-power, creativity and also a deep caring for us and for our return to a Spiritual Heritage. This was all ensured by the passing down through their lineage of teachings, understanding and wisdoms. Nandhiji is of that lineage.

In Mastery of Consciousness we are taken on a journey of Transformation of the Soul, with Nandhiji unfolding for us the teachings and practices of the Ancient Sages, as like nuggets of gold carefully embedded in the guidance we receive from the heart of the Master. We are taken on a journey of understanding as we walk in the footsteps of the Ancients . . . awakening our own memory of Ancient Being and activating our own gifts.

As Nandhiji tells us: “Imagine millions of Gandhis, Rumis and Einsteins! This is a possibility in our times! We are the realities of this Consciousness.”

It doesn’t take a big leap in our thinking to understand why this expansion in our human potential is so vitally important to us right now. We know our future on this planet is vulnerable, our survival seems precarious.  There may be only a few years before the predicted [but oh so unpredictable] next Solar activity causes chaos – forget the internet and the cloud, think of precarious communication, and how about adequate medical care for radiation, or feeding ourselves adequately never mind the animals . . . and, the technology we’ve grown so dependent on will have left us vulnerable with very few real life skills for self-and-planet-preservation.

Genius and the courage to develop it might be key to how we move on as Humanity into the next age, Astrological Age of Aquarius, and what is supposed to be the “Age of the Enlightened Individual.” Before I move on to what Nandhiji’s book offers us on our path of growth . . . here’s an insight into Aquarius energy: yes, it is visionary but it’s also weird, it gets alienated, and it needs a lot of grounding to stay balanced.

Our Dharma, or Culture, the way forward for us as Humanity moving into the light of living whatever life we have here as enlightened individuals within one human community will require the courage Nandhiji’s Ancient teachings open up within us: he is offering a “bridge of light” in these dark times, so fear less. We are being offered renewal. We don’t need rescuing, but we do need to recreate ourselves.

Always with the intention of guiding you to inform yourself, get more education for your growth and evolution, be happier and more fulfilled, this is my offering to you: if you are drawn to the teaching and practices in Nandhiji’s book Mastery of Consciousness it is because the Ancient in you is doing the “calling” – and this call will respond with a recognition for the foundation you need for your own emergence into renewal. You have an Ancient memory deep within your being and it can be activated, you have gifts at your Soul level [or level of Divine Being] which can be remembered – what this involves is taking steps in an initiation that requires removing mind-filters of resistance to understanding. And that means daily practice.

So what’s in the book and how do you take the steps? A quick resume here . . . doing your own gen-up on book sections and absorbing layout of the content will do more for you than me writing an exhaustive list: the steps you take for yourself are going to build some blocks of foundation in your inner world and understanding. Then when you get to the point when “mind-filters” start to dissolve, any wall of resistance to practice [and we’ve all had that . . . ] can be walked through – to find the Master on the other side waiting with both arms and heart wide open to greet you. Yes, it really is that special and powerful.

Quickly then, moving through: Mastery of Consciousness is laid out in this way content-wise – A very human and incredibly engaging autobiography, Nandhiji’s own story along the spiritual path to mastery of the Ancient teachings of the Siddhar Sages; we have in-depth interviews with Nandhiji which act as a FAQ/How-to full of detail and insight; insights into the Yogic knowledge of the Siddhars opens us up to the mystery, history, tradition and teachings . . . go gently, you might want to take this immersion slowly to absorb what could seem strange and unfamiliar to you. And finally, the teachings in the 108 Sutras [sutras are the ancient teachings written in verse, and quite often in the teachings of the Ancients these were passed down as dialogue in much the same way as our old European or African myths and mysteries].

Within the teachings of the Sutras is a path which will open up before you step by step, an initiation intended to bring about shifts in mindset and understanding: strange to many Westerners, but easier to digest when you realise the symbolism is intented for your understanding of the Divinity within yourself. So, for example, in contrast to Judaeo/Christian understanding of the Angelic energies the Indian use of Gods/Goddesses in worship/teaching/devotion is a way to open you up to new structures which will always endure within your Soul: these are the Devatas [the Angelic realms]. Contrary to the more superficial Western practice of making ourself vulnerable by asking help from our Angels: in this practice we absorb the god-like qualities within whatever is used symbolically in stories or meditations: so for example you encounter the elephant-headed Ganesh at your root chakra. You are a Deva or Devi [god/goddess/divine being] with all the numinous qualities hidden within the structure of your Soul.

When Nandhiji tells you “Aum Namah Sivaya” this is the Ancient Tamil [Indian] way of acknowledging and honouring this Divinity deep within our being. And, of course, the awakening of Divine Feminine is of equal if not more importance in a world like ours so bereft of sacred nurturing and nourishment of the Feminine Spirit. The magic of the way the Sutras “work” for you as you progress step by step,is this: slow, gentle openings that occur as symbolism opens you to the language of the heart which is secret and mysterious.

Those of you with some time spent in Yoga practice will understand that it is our heart that is our “Gateway to Consciousness” and our God-like qualities.

And maybe now is a good time to give you insight into process. As you follow in the time-honoured steps of taking the 108 Sutras one-by-one [and I would suggest day-by-day] you are following in the steps of the Master, Nandhiji, as your guide . . . to the power of the Siddhar lineage. Because you are walking and sharing experience in practice and daily life, between you this sparks an energy which is a dynamic bigger than the seeming mundane daily activity. This you discover for yourself. But this whole process leads to an inner understanding of your own, in your own unique way, and an experience of a bursting forth of creative energy and potential . . . all the while being held in the vast heartspace of the Master.

How so? Because this was the vastness of the intention of Ancient Spiritual Sages who cared so much for us and our future . . . and your teachers have seen many, many times [myself included] the blossoming and glorious shining-forth as a dedicated and sincere initiate or student uncovers the genius and prophet we all need you to be.

Beautiful. Powerful.

Of course, as an end-note, I couldn’t finish this review without reminding you that to take this teaching is obviously an initiation . . . it would take courage and dedication. But you can start with an immersion into the reading of Nandhiji’s life story and journey. Absorbing each section of this book would give you the space and time to open up and move on . . . go gently. My sense is, we are deeply privileged.



“We are the truth within all religions. We are the collective consciousness of all masters. We know our heart’s purpose. We are the liberated. We lead humanity. We are one.” Nandhiji


Namaste, SuZen


“This book is the book of the century. It is monumental. It ranks up there as a classic in spiritual literature. The book contains profound visionary poetry, an abundance of color photos and accounts of the author’s first-hand experiences with Siddha masters. Nandhiji has for the first time conveyed the essence of the ancient Siddha tradition to the English speaking public. His message -Be the Prophet- is one that the world needs today more than ever. Nandhi’s has opened the door to one of the world’s most ancient wisdom traditions that offers great promise for the future of humanity.” Ganga & Tara, Universal Fellowship of Light


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