The “Books” Edition … The Weekly Newspaper #20 Susan’s Editorial Saturday December 26th, 2020

Welcome to this week’s Newspaper | The “Books” Edition!

BOOKS – December 26th always used to be about reading the books you got as Christmas presents when I was younger…and maybe this year, “covid” year 2020, we’ll all have time to read. So, I’m initiating the first “bumper books” edition of the Newspaper… AND The Kindest Revolution published the first eBook “Models of Hope” this week! Two initiations! All the books reviewed and featured this week contain  knowledgeable perspectives for our new world-view: for making positive change in our reality; to guide and inspire us through this time of transformation for Humanity. What we learn, value and practice now will inspire and become our individual future, and humanity’s hope.

We’re at the point known as “The Great Reset” in a time of Global crisis. Today we publish yet more various different perspectives on models of hope :  reading and learning from them will enhance our own individual world-view…

We’re focussing on themes of “reading books” in this Books” edition of The Kindest Revolution Weekly : many, many of us know how to and are working towards change and transformation—and today we have various perspectives from world acclaimed authors.  Featured video in the paper’s lower third is Astologer Heather Ensworth’s “Jupiter-Saturn Conjunction And Important Transits“—it’ll explain a little more about current cosmic energies: as she says “we’re at the labour pains stage of the birth of the Aquarius Age!

“We’re coming into the long awaited new Age of Aquarius – and the energy is going to be all about the enlightened individual, understanding that taking personal responsibility for our own worldview and consciousness will affect the future for the whole of humanity. In today’s edition,  all our articles will help many of us new to taking another step towards Sustainability, to letting go of past thought paradigms and awakening for our own spiritual path.”—Susan

As usual in the video section:  Astrology by Acyuta-Bhava Das  | Tarot card readings for week of December 28th  for each Astrological sign by the amazingly gifted Ali | Vegan cooking by Gaz Oakley at Avant Garde Vegan  | And, setting the energetic feeling-tone with our music video : two music videos shared by “I Declare World Peace”.

All the written, video and picture content in today’s edition is intended to keep us in tune and in touch with Humanity’s inherent need for peace and the power of art, beauty, music, wisdom for sustaining growth . . . all Divine Feminine energetic expressions of compassion and gratitude for the Newspaper’s mission of being “outrageously kind” [especially to ourselves and planet as well as each other]!

We go to press today with yet more valuable contributions from the “I Declare World Peace” art movement [check the photos section] .

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With outrageous kindness
“Live well yourself, live well with others and our Planet”

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