Zen of Inspiration and a Heart-based Way to our Future

We’re all suffering from being terribly practical—that’s what we’re taught to be from an early age. We’re encouraged to be, all the time: open the newspaper and what does it say? Watch TV and what does it tell us? The prevalent message is “…we all ought to be more practical”.

So, of course, when we try to solve our problems we try to find practical solutions to them. We don’t want to enter into the realms of philosophy, which is all about maybe, could be, should be … we want to go into the realms of “…what can I do and what can’t I do?” and “what’s possible and what isn’t possible?”

And yet, maybe that isn’t the be-all and end-all of everything. In the same way that money isn’t the be-all and end-all of everything. In the same way that we as human beings are more than just physical entities requiring roofs over our heads and food in our stomachs. There are certain basic needs to be met, but does that make us happy? Should we be contented because we’ve got the things that meet basic needs, especially when others in our world don’t? No.

There has to be something else or else life doesn’t have any magic in it, it doesn’t have any meaning in it…we have to have something else: we have to have some inspiration, we have to have some joy, we have to have a sense of fulfillment, a sense of engagement, a sense of excitement and a sense of belonging. And without those things, life really quickly becomes very empty. And when it does contain those things, life become poetic. Life becomes wondrous and fulfilled.

We’re all suffering from being terribly practical

Factors in our lives right now seem to be crying out for a practical solution. Many of us are doing as much as we can to find one. And yet, we don’t seem to be finding solutions! Maybe, that’s because we’re looking in areas that are too practical. Maybe, something a little bit more heartfelt would be more appropriate. Maybe it’s time now to build a solution, to build a plan built on an approach which is based on inspiration, and is based on vision, and is based on hope.

That would mean practising tolerance, and embracing a whole plethora of big, wide visionary and mind-heart-based ideas that won’t be supported by any amount of logical argument or clever rationale. But, this approach would be supported by some other factor which is often overlooked in issues of seeming practicality.

There’s another force. And it’s the force that can bring us all we need and more, if we trust it. Primal force. Truthforce. And it doesn’t operate on the same level as the force of money and the force of intelligence. It is certainly not the force of argument. It’s the force of the heart. It’s the force of feeling. And it’s the force of a profound powerful emotion: a desire to be something, and to give your heart to something you desire to be. A change-maker? A visionary genius? A vitality agent? In your own way, as your heart desires.



Being an expression of the joy of living and inspiration, and expressing this in your unique way supports all of us. Something that is inside of us that has been suppressed now wants to reach out to something a bit higher, that will bring fulfillment—and then there’s the fear. Something inside of us all now is scared. What if we fall flat on our faces and what we try as change-makers doesn’t “work”? What if what we try turns out to be a great mistake? Are we fools for trying?

“…at least we’re being sincere”

Following our hearts could turn out to be the best possible reason for trying—at least we’re being sincere. Maybe our inspired ways of making change will work, maybe not. But something inside of us collectively and individually will be lifted, and liberated as a resut of trusting the inner feeling: those urges, those sensations we’ve been having that something that’s got to be right has to be worth a try.

That’s why it’s so important at the moment to pay a bit less attention to all the “practicalities” and all the current arguments in favour of “this and that” —whatever the solutions of the day might be. And pay more intention to something inside you that says we shouldn’t care what’s practical and what isn’t, the voice of the heart that says “I know what I want, I know what I want to try for and I know that even if I get there or not at least I tried and gave myself to it.” That’s the way our energy needs to go right now.

This heart-based, sincere approach is the one most likely to take us down the road of making the changes “we” the collective as Humanity needs right now… it’ll get us on the right path.



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Teacher of Zen and Yoga Meditation, Writer and Spoken Word Artist SuZen

5 thoughts on “Zen of Inspiration and a Heart-based Way to our Future

  1. Dear Susan– YEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSS! Just the kind of support I needed right now to not worry about the “how of practicality” but instead go toward what juices my heart. Thank you! Love, Cat P.S.  I sent a longtime dear friend and colleague, who is a magnificent astrologer who does twice monthly newsletters that knock my socks off, a copy of that article about the solar plasma bursts and the underground civilizations. She loved it and loved Sandy’s interview and she signed up for your newspaper.   Your weekly newspaper and her bimonthly newsletter are the only two I subscribe to, so that tells you something about her and you being at the top of my awesome list!  ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~💫Cat Saunders, Ph.D. Counseling and ConsultationAuthor, Dr. Cat’s Helping Handbook:A Compassionate Guide for Being HumanP.O. Box 31161 Seattle, WA  98103 (206) 329-0125www.drcat.org


  2. I love what you wrote here, Susan, and it’s just what I needed to hear. Your words encourage me to “go for it” with a Big Dream (a specific service project), even though I don’t yet know the “how’s” of practical details to make it happen. You are so right that humanity needs HOPE in order to move forward through these intensely challenging times.


    1. Thanks indeed for your comment Cat: I’m so glad this has inspired you for your Big Dream – we just keep asking “how” and wait for the signs, symbols and messages! Namaste, Susan


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