Zen of Evolving into Happiness

The world is changing and it’s changing fast, it’s going through a profound process. We can see it happening all around: open a newspaper, talk to someone, talk to anyone and they’ll all tell you things they once found were sure and certain in their lives are no longer such stable factors.

Ideas, beliefs, opinions which were once completely clung to are really becoming irrelevant—partly in the face of changing world conditions, technology and social factors, and partly because we are evolving.



We’re evolving collectively as a race and individually as well. And it’s with regards to our own unique individual evolution that I’m sharing now, because these are powerful times for you and me and a sense of anticipation is welling up within us from somewhere—and a feeling that anything could become possible soon is definitely starting to present itself. Although maybe it’s only happening in a negative way leading to the expectation that the “anything possible” is going to be bad or undesireable, a sort of miserable “anything”—or depressing, or anything that would equate to a kind of failure of some sort. Because there’s definitely a sense of humanity’s failure wafting around on the winds of change.

Pushing that idea away is possible, leaving inner space for the positive probable: we’re evolving and we’re learning. While we’re in the process of sweeping the negative idea aside in our expectations, this is the time for rising above some of the fears and concerns now being felt. And I’m thinking especially about fears and concerns for people we’re close to in life or share common interest with, and many of whom are going through important dramas of one kind or another. We all have involvements partly due to the fact that we care and partly too because of the great “ven diagram” of existence—obviously there’s a connectivity, an overlap between what’s happening to them and what’s happening to us which is in the web of inter-connectedness. And in the overlap, the connections, is our experience of living in the world.

So you might feel reasonably stable enough with you yourself, but feeling destabilised by what’s happening to somebody else, by the choices they make, the preferences they express and the decisions they reach. What are you supposed to do about any of that—where’s your control? Where’s your power to rebalance something that’s out of line, as our world most definitely is?



The main thing is, and it’s the most interesting thing I can tell you right now: you have more power and strength, more self-control and more self-reliance than you probably realise. This all comes with the territory of being human. All you need to do to tip the balance the right way, is to be far less concerned about the issues that are arising and avoid any temptation to leap into the quick sand of conflict.

It is so tempting to take sides in an argument: pointing the finger at who’s caused climate change, or air pollution, or lacking the insight to tread lightly in their carbon footprint. Saying you’ll fight a battle on behalf of causes, or being willing to wage a war against that bad thing and stand up for this good thing, does not serve balance. Conflict does not and never will bring harmony.

This does not suggest abandoning principles close to our hearts. Far from it. But, and it’s a big but, where we don’t have to be drawn we choose the power of not being drawn. Where we might suspect we have to be drawn and take much needed action, there’s an art in not being drawn so much as to lose sense of perspective. Because then there’s the danger of forgetting, we didn’t come here to Planet Earth in order to win campaigns or to achieve great victories, we came here to be happy.

Despite all that’s happened and is happening nothing has changed, being happy was the original object of the exercise of living here and now, part of the human race and the great collective of Humanity: a living being, on a living Planet in a living Universe. What we’re experiencing now, only triple emphasises the point: life is about being happy.

Right now, we have an option to evolve into happiness. The more we prioritise that, the more we reach for peace and relaxation and trust within ourselves, the easier everything is going to get.



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