Zen of Reaching the Emotional Maturity to Say : “this is our destiny” …

You know those signs we see in retail shops and supermarkets: “The impossible we can do now, miracles take a little longer …”? Yes, it’s funny but there is an element of truth in the sentiment.

The idea of course being that the impossible does sometimes require a great deal from us but somehow or other we manage to achieve it. And miracles are reachable for as well, if we want them badly enough. And often in life, we have to do what one way or another is difficult – when it’s the only thing we can do, and it’s hard, that’s a sign of destiny calling.

We can’t do everything just because it’s easy—and, obviously I’m saying here that collectively, as Humanity, we’re looking at a proposition of our future that definitely does seem daunting.



Making radical change to bring about a future that is fairer to all, including animals, plants and Planet, which we can sustain holistically in the face of seeming chaos is going to require a lot of effort. It’s going to take a great deal from us, we’re not going to find it easy, but that doesn’t mean that what some of us have in mind as change-agents and future-makers is not achievable. It is, if only we can put enough into it. This is the maturity of discerning what we put our effort into exactly.

And the only difference we need to be aware of is the difference between something which is going to take a lot out of us, going to prove extremely time consuming and energy absorbing but is possible—and something that no matter how hard we try isn’t going to come right for us. Decisions like these take maturity.

And how are we supposed to know the difference between the two ways we can use our energy now? Well, often in life we find ourselves facing situations which we really wish we could change, factors which we would alter at a stroke only if we could—would the Universe give us a magic wand we’d wave it … But we’re not getting that right now, we can’t, much though we might dream of it, yearn for it, wish for it.

That absolutely does not mean though that we’re entirely powerless in our current situation —or any situation for that matter—because regardless of what we may or may not be able to alter in the external physical world, there is always something we can do something about: and that’s our own attitude, our own set of responses, our own beliefs, our own ways of behaving.

Is it easy to fix your own behaviour pattern? Absolutely not. Is it easy to change your own attitudes? Definitely not, but it is always possible. Whereas, when you’re dealing with the world that extends past your own physicality, when you’re dealing with anything else that involves the outside, we just take our chances sometimes! Sometimes we can fix things and sometimes we can’t.



Often it seems we are small cogs in big machines. As often as not it really does seems there’s little we can do about certain factors and situations … Now, we see us reaching a point in Humanity’s journey through time living on Planet Earth: a point where we have to recognise what we can change and what we can’t.

Is it possible for us to change something in the way we’re looking at life? Yes, but it’s going to be very hard. Is it worth making that near super-human effort? Absolutely, yes. Not just worth it, but really worth it. And not only that, but it won’t just be the sense of success or the rush of elation as we finally realise we’ve “done it…”—pushing through changes for a radically better version of Humanity’s future—that makes the difference. The journey towards that transformation will be wonderful too.

And all we have to do is recognise, identify, decide, that inside of each individual human being now a part of our own hearts and our own heads is ready to look differently at key issues in our lives. I call this opening up our Spiritual Vision.

The moment we even say to ourself “yep, that’s what I’m going to try and do“, we start managing to do it—and the results won’t just be different in the way we feel they’ll be different in the way other people treat and respond to us and our new maturity. In fact, you my be amazed at how different—I call these our “zen miracles”. We become so much more inspiring, results in our lives become more inspiring.



Taking a moment here to pause, and hold a thought in our collective minds for a small “zen miracle”: if we think of our “World” as a big body, that needs a big breath, then breathe in positivity and breathe out negativity. Sit with this thought of one body and a big breath: and pause…

And consider the zen power of being good at the things we don’t do… nothing is missing: opportunity for change is on our side, but sometimes it needs to be hunted down…tracked down, so we can make it work for us.

So, our destiny: are we mature enough for it yet? Can we collectively make things right for Humanity and our Planet?



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