Healing Inner Hurt from the Mother

Often the healing is in “loving the mother inside” … in the heartspace.

The Kindest Revolution

Healing Deep Hurt From our Mother’s Lack of Commitment to Life at our Birth.

I should explain what I mean by “Healing Inner Hurt from the Mother” and what I mean is that we can experience a deep inner hurt resulting from our mother’s lack of commitment either to our own birth, or the circumstances of her life at our birth.

It’s probably still a bit taboo to admit that we can experience a hurt as deep as this in our life – because it there has been a deep taboo about talking and feeling in this way about our own mother. And this is especially true in Ireland, this taboo is still powerfully strong. But the reality is that many of us feel hurt and experience being stuck in life and relationships and it’s coming from our mother’s feeling for us at our birth.

Some of us feel our…

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