Growing : Humanity’s Chance to Open Hearts, Heads and Hands for Hope … The Weekly Newspaper Edition #4 : Susan’s Editorial Saturday September 5th, 2020

Welcome to this week’s Newspaper: Growing : Humanity’s Chance to Open Hearts, Heads and Hands for Hope.


When I came upon the lifework of two Indian luminaries, both multi-dimensional teachers who’ve gifted Humanity with an amazing legacy of written, spoken word and sheer hope—Gandhi and Dr Vandana Shiva— I could feel the numinous quality of Essence. Both sparked my intelligence and intellect, and were important in my own opening of the head, or awakening: the extract used here as our lead article this week will help many of us new to  “Growing” as a first step to awakening for our own spiritual path.

So, here is the first “Growing” edition of the Kindest Revolution Weekly. And the lead article excerpt is from Satyagraha for a Sacred Economy by Dr Vandana Shiva, reprinted with Dr Shiva’s kind permission and in her words with “Gratitude for a Legacy of Freedom”.

My own article “Organic—Pure Love Unencumbered—A Call to Action” will give you a deep dive into the “Why, How, and What?” of living an Organic lifepath, with an outline of both spiritual and historical foundations … it’s a calling!

As usual in the video section: Astrology by Acyuta-Bhava Das  | Tarot card readings for week of September 7th for each Astrological sign by the amazingly gifted Ali | Vegan cooking by Gaz at Avante Garde Vegan | And, setting the energetic feeling-tone with our music videos: Stevie Wonder “I Want to Come Back as a Flower”, and “I Get Up” The Teskey Brothers.

All the video content in today’s edition is intended to keep us in tune and in touch with the power of art, beauty, music, wisdom . . . and Divine Feminine energetic expression of compassion and gratitude: as Dr Vandana Shiva says, “Gratitude for a Legacy of Freedom“.

We go to press today with yet more valuable contributions from the “I Declare World Peace” art movement [check the photos section] .

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With outrageous kindness
“Live well yourself, live well with others and our Planet”


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Teacher of Zen and Yoga Meditation, Writer and Spoken Word Artist SuZen

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