Yin Zen Soma : Providing | Our daily practice in inviting in Divine Feminine and our Ancients

Our practice in Yin Zen Soma gives us the clarity, power and strength for taking questions arising in our life right now and looking for the answers which will work for the long term for Humanity’s advancement. It’s called “Providing” !

Zen can be inscrutable . . . one word is like a whole horizon

This is a practice of daily “Inviting the Ancestors in” – acknowledging our own Ancient memory, our Soul’s infinite and eternal nature and the bigger picture of Universal vision for Humanity’s advancement. This is the Deep Feminine in our practice, for our daily life and it invites in Yin or Primordial Goddess. Acknowledging we all have potential solutions for our near and subsequent future, when we live in Balance and with our own true being nature, means realising our “purpose-ful-ness”.

This is the second part of an I Ching reading [from The Book of Changes: I Ching] I had when I was wondering how to say something that is very simple, when we live in a world that has become so complex . . . and which spoke of a “Tower Moment for Humanity” similar to Tarot imagery and energy of the “Tower” [click here for the first part]. The message is : Providing: and the I Ching image was:

“Thunder comes resounding out of the Earth.”


This is the image of enthusiasm.

The Ancient Kings and Queens made music in order to honour Merit. And offered it with splendour  to the Supreme Deity: inviting their Ancestors to be present.

The reading went on: “A Hexagram has been drawn from the I Ching that speaks about your enthusiasm for something but it also speaks about a need to channel that enthusiasm intelligently . . .”

We’ve got change coming into our life. We have a choice to make. But it in order to get it right, we have to be in tune with our circumstances. And in tune too with the people around us who will help the right things come about. Being in tune means more than just knowing what you want.

Being in tune means knowing what other people want too. And it means knowing what problems can arise. It means thinking things through – not to the point where you pay devil’s advocate so intently that you end up seeing nothing but the downside . . . but it means recognising the potential problems that could arise and making provision for them.

As we do that. And as we make provision too for the possible consequences of success in moving forward as Humanity, we have to understand that there’s more than just our own will to succeed that’s at stake here: other issues, wider factors – they’ve all got to be accounted for somehow and in the process of making yourself in harmony with the immediate situation and surroundings, you’ve got to keep enough enthusiasm to allow yourself to move forward but not push it so far forward that you alienate anyone and create a problem that need not exist: it’s a question of being wise.

It’s a question of being calm.

And it’s a question of taking questions arising in our life right now and looking for the answers which will work for the long term. In our practice we do that by asking “How”. Then we wait for the answers. “How” is Tao, is God/Goddess, is Balance, is Ma’at, and it is Mother or Love.


You can start your own practice simply by making a daily invitation to Divine Energies into your life in this YouTube video [clickhere]. Or go to the Daily Practice section in the main menu bar above for Earth Empaths and Daily Flow with the main Moon Phases.



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