Yin Power “Icons of Light | and Acts of Outrageous Kindness” … The Weekly Newspaper “Rebirth” Edition [#1] : Susan’s Editorial Saturday August 15th, 2020

Welcome to this week’s “rebirth” newspaper: Yin Power!

In my own life, what I call “Acts of Outrageous Kindness” by some of our Icons of Light in a dark world meant so much and inspired totally. As a miserable Catholic girl I could not imagine a mother sending out a beam of light so strong that it would get her daughters safely to the other side of puberty, as Vicki Noble did. But I did know about outrageous women like designer Zandra Rhodes and especially Molly Parkin … during her years as Fashion Editor of Nova Magazine, Harpers Bazaar and The Sunday Times in the UK [1965 – 1971]. Luckily for this girl in the last year of school our library took The Times, and on Monday mornings the Nuns would see me apparently swotting for exams but actually reading Molly’s fashion column [and Che Guevarra’s last stand] . . . but then, Life is an exam and maybe revolution is our last stand?

Then came the ’80’s and Anita Roddick shone out like a beacon of light in business, saying she never thought having money would open her heart: the speech she gives here in our video section is still lauded as a landmark “Kindness as a Key to Humanity’s Future” [she also knocked the socks off the London Stock Exchange when her Body Shop stock went through the financial glass roof!].

1991 saw Vicki Noble publishing with fire. Shakti Woman changed many a woman’s life by offering a way to become a change-agent. It is still so relevant and hence her article features powerfully today in the newspaper!

How could we publish a newspaper edition on Yin Power and Icons of Light without including Eco Warrior Dr Vandana Shiva and her iconic article on “Oikonomia” – maybe some day Humanity will thank her for suggesting that all Economies should be run like a domestic household budget?

And, as a light for the future, you’ll be inspired by Maisey Clarke’s story of Sustainable Fashion – in “rescuing” scrap and dead fabric she now has an independent and self-sustaining life as a Designer/Maker after what she calls her “fashion epiphany.


As usual in the video section: Astrology by Acyuta-Bhava Das  | Tarot card readings for mid-August for each Astrological sign by the amazingly gifted Ali | Vegan cooking by Rachel Ama [now gloriously pregnant] and Avante Garde Vegan | And, I just had to kick start this edition with Dobie Gray’s “I’m in with the In Crowd” to get the energy flowing. All the video content in today’s edition is intended to keep us in tune and in touch with the power of art, beauty, music, wisdom . . . all Divine Feminine energetic expressions.

We go to press today with yet more valuable contributions from the “I Declare World Peace” art movement [check the photos section] .

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With outrageous kindness
“Live well yourself, live well with others and our Planet”






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