The Entire World in “Hermit” mode . . . ? AUMmmmm

I’m breaking my silence during the last month of a 100-day deep retreat . . . in awareness of the Pandemic virus sending the whole world into self-isolation, staying at home in enforced “hermit” mode.

And what happens in stillness, silence and rest? Love-force arises. Gandhi called it Soul-force, Jesus called it Love-force . . .

The Pisces Sacred Creatives

As a teacher I know there’s a spiritual network all over our world just waiting to be called on for a Global awakening to what our priorities as Humanity really are . . .  and some of us are Specific healers and Teachers, as Pisces Sacred Creatives – creating a new vision for Humanity’s future by taking off the “mind-bandages” to what’s important and vital for thriving, never mind surviving.




I made a short program in 2018, sensing those of us in the Pisces vibration in this incarnation will need to self-protect, self-nurture and grow into our power. Bonding and boundaries are vital to us.

Here’s the link . . . I trust it’ll resonate with those it needs to.

Namaste, SuZen

[My new teachings will be up soon on The Kindest Revolution and aiming to have the Newspaper online again early August.]

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