“The Most Boring Edition Ever” Zen Vegan Thrive Weekly | SuZen Editorial: Edition Saturday 28th December 2019

Un-welcome to this week’s newspaper!

I can only write: ” . . . today’s is the most boring edition yet” and I remind myself of Pablo Neruda’s famous poem “Tonight I can write the saddest lines . . . ”

When I attempted throughout the week to trawl through prospective content to the paper publishing today, all I got was repetition of stuff that was never that interesting in the first place. So, Saturday December 28th 2019 can go down in our newspaper’s history as the most boring Saturday yet: I’m going to remind you of Greta Thunberg‘s words : “I want you to act as if our house is on fire.” I’ll help you along with some “fire love” from Rumi [fire love, or devotion, is Bhakti Yoga] . . .

Review feature today is my own spoken word EP of Rumi’s Love Poems: and I hope it helps you find some fire and some love for the coming 2020 – act like the “house is on fire”, what are you going to create? what are you going to write, paint, record? how are you going to dance, live, breathe? For a kickstart to your inspiration and energy, the image I used for Rumi’s Love Poems is “Passion Heart” by beautiful Yogini artist Elena Ray [credit below].

And getting deeper by the week into our Voice of Men editorial thread : Wisdoms to support us in our growth on our paths – this week, it was Rumi’s voice that was calling out   . . . in the paper’s lower third video section.

In the music videos section, I just had to try and liven things up – so there’s a hilarious version of John Lennon’s Imagine “sung” by Trump, Putin and Other Word Leaders – with thanks to I Declare World Peace. And, in our features, do you remember Alpha Circle’s new single review a while ago  – well, this week we have the news of the newest release “Sweet Talking Time” . . . and, sweetly, they say they “never miss an edition of the newspaper”. Much Gratitude!

As usual in the video section:  Astrology by Acyuta-Bhava Das [formerly Adam Elenbaas] | Tarot card readings for next week for each Astrological sign by the amazingly gifted Ali – and she gives us a current energies check-in for this weekend.

Vegan cooking by Rachel Ama and Avante Garde Vegan | More incredibly “mad weather” by MrMBBB  | Plus more chanting and Chakra practice from me to keep us in tune and in touch with art, beauty, music, wisdom . . . all Divine Feminine energetic expressions . . .

We go to press today with yet more valuable contributions from the “I Declare World Peace” art movement [check the photos section] .

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Much love
“Live well yourself, live well with others and our Planet”


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Newspaper Banner image this week: Dark Man image by sebastiaan stam from Pexels



[Passion Heart image by Elena Ray elenaray.com Twitter @OldChineseMan]

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