zen of “If only” . . . you can change more things than you think

‘If only I had more time.’ ‘If only I had more control.’ If only I had more money’. . .

If only the phrase ‘if only’ were banned! We might be feeling as if our choices are limited right now in our human destiny: that others control our destiny – and life is seemingly unfair. It’s easy to imagine that other people are having an easier time of things than you are. But everyone has their own set of ‘if onlys’. The secret, under the light of the New Moon today, is to look at the things you can change. There are many more of those than you think.



It would be a terrible thing to go through life believing that you have all the answers – because you’d never ask any questions! People act in this way either because they think that asking is a pointless waste of time (because they already know what will happen); or they fear finding out that they are wrong (which would bring them a great sense of shame). In zen we say “maybe, maybe not” . . .

There’s an approach is eminently preferable: it’s neither “if only” or “other people have al the answers”. Open-mindedness and open-heartedness are what’s needed to help us achieve our goals in the changing culture of “today”. [Remember in zen, living in our unique way, the only goal is to be who we truly are.]


Humanity and Hope

You would think what with all the media resources we have nowadays, communication is better than ever before. But it isn’t. Yes, there’s MORE of it – but no depth, real skill, heart-based understanding and compassion.

And truth . . . ? I don’t think so – especially not about waking up what is sleeping in our memories . . . Consciousness, and what we will need from our distilled wisdom to take us forward into the future as Humanity.

Humanity needs hope. How? Well, as humankind we actually always have had that in our inner nature . . . it’s one of the life powers we’re born with, and need to tune into. Whenever we ask “How?”, we’re asking Tao/God/Goddess/Mystery/Mother . . . living with hope means living tuned-into “How?”

Don’t know if you remember the “Prophecy of the Rainbow Serpent?” An Ancient American Indian prophecy – humankind would be able to re-ignite the power of the awakened heart when it realises and recreates Humanity as one “People . . . ” A wonderful seed of hope to sew on this auspicious New Moon/Eclipse today.

Enjoy! SuZen



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