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Today for Monday Motivation, I’m digging into my archives and giving you insight into one my inspirations and motivations from 2018!



Message From Existence: A Story of Flow


Our stories are so important in understanding how we can have more meaning in the Life we have in our Day. In this message I’m reading from Sheldon Kopp’s book “The Hanged Man”.

We came here to be happy, and for many of us today we simply need to slow down, live with Cosmic rhythms and cycles of Nature: which means our return to innocence.

The big changes that are happening in our world right now can seem overwhelming, but we can empower ourself by making small changes within – practice is powerful. Living the life in your day is essential.



We know that physically, as a human being all we are is air, water and food . . . and everything on the physical plane of our existence has its own energetic frequency, our energy medicine which can heal us emotionally, mentally and spiritually. To truly thrive, we balance. Harmony helps. Connecting and communing with Nature, and Primal Force in all beings and things brings harmony and heals the anxiety of disconnect.





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