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Today for Monday Motivation, calmly working with the healing power available to us when we connect with our “Inner Cosmos” . This is a deeply healing yogic meditation taught to me by my teachers over 25 years ago – from the teachings passed down to them . . . experience of your “Inner Cosmos” will align you with your own innate, and Ancient, Soul-healing force.

We know that physically, as a human being all we are is air, water and food . . . and everything on the physical plane of our existence has its own energetic frequency, our energy medicine which can heal us emotionally, mentally and spiritually. To truly thrive, we balance. Harmony helps. Connecting and communing with Nature, and Primal Force in all beings and things brings harmony and heals the anxiety of disconnect.



Healing Power of My Inner Cosmos | A Yogic Inner Journey in Meditation to experience our vastness | Chandra Moon Chakra Healing [Bindhu Chakra] | Meditation Medicine Energy



Healing Power of My Inner Cosmos | A Yogic Inner Journey in Meditation to experience our vastness:

We invoke Prana, life force, both from our Sun, and also from Moon force/ Moonlight as the Prana [life force energy] that generates gentle growth and healing in the soft light of our Moon – which gives a soft vibrational sound of our Moonlight.



I’ve mixed this meditation audio with my Gentle Calm soundtrack of Rainsticks at 174 HZ for feelings of connection and security and love from Source.






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