What’s going on – zen of “not a mission” statement

The zen of “not a mission statement” . . . missionless-meaning in zen.

Today I finally write a meaning statement for zen.vegan.thrive. “What’s going on . . . ?” is one of my favourite all time songs – by Marvin Gaye. One thing I can do daily to stay in flow, with daily meaning, is sing song lyrics that I woke up with . . . a sign, if you find yourself doing that too, that you’re at-one with the energy of who you are, harmonising with the “now”, right NOW.

Zen is not about having a mission on a journey – it’s about realising who we truly are . . . and so,  appreciate exactly what we have for what it is . . . what is it, “what’s going on?”. Nothing-ness and everything.


Wisdom Thoughts

There are moments when, like it or not, we just have to get stuck in and sacrifice our present for the sake of our future. Our future, right now, seems precarious and vulnerable for humanity.

In these moments, we have to enforce a pragmatic approach, sure – but also, as many, many Ancient zen masters taught us, with a dignity that enables us to uphold our responsibilities. How are we going to hold the vast-ness of one-ness in our arms . . . and yet stay light, engaged, flowing?

There’s never a need for such moments as these [in Cosmic terms] to be miserable. We’re all being given an opportunity to find satisfaction and joy in a scenario that outwardly seems oh-so frustrating and totally ungratifying.

The only thing that’s needed? To bring meaning?  An open mind and an open heart.


“Mother, Mother, there’s too many of you crying . . . Brother, brother, brother, there’s far too many of you dying . . . ” Marvin Gaye, What’s Going On?



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