Tuesday Teachings – thrive | Meditation #1 : astonishing power and healing

There are so many, many definitions of what Meditation is, and of course there are many systems of teaching Meditation technique. The Yoga approach is one of the most well known and structured ways to learn. The Zen way, of sitting zazen, is one of the least structured meditation practices.

What is common, as far as I can tell as a teacher, is that the benefits of regular practice are profound. And the healing is sometimes simply astonishing! Healing which can be mental, emotional, physical, spiritual as the bodymind of a human being responds to regular practice. Meditation can be a maturing and transformational process as the meditator ceases to see her/himself as separate from everything and begins to experience harmony, balance and inner peace.


Ancient Wisdom Legacies: the Genius in You!

Meditation was the final journey, a journey of discovery through Yoga, of the ancient Vedic Yogis of India. They had learned to master and control the body with Asanas, the physical postures of Yoga. Then they mastered and controlled the emotions with Pranayama, the breathing techniques. And finally, they mastered and controlled the mind with Meditation . . . but more than that, they spent their time then in meditation exploring the quality of “man’s” relationship with god or the divine. And they did this for hundreds of years, thousands of years ago: Tantra Masters, Siddha Masters, and Zen Masters.

And so the Ancient Wisdoms that form the legacy of their knowledge and experience was passed down to us: that we are born with the seeds of Divinity within us – or, as my interpretation goes . . . we are potential Creative Geniuses just waiting to be transformed!


Ancient Knowledge of Healing

What is astonishing to me as a teacher is that the Yogis knew what to do for healing. They tapped into a natural inner wisdom deep within the human experience of “self” and they were able to understand this, interpret it and teach it by turning this wellspring of inner power into a codified system which could be passed down through generations. To you . . .


Returning the Self to Simple Being

As a teacher of many years experience now, I know very deeply that if you teach a person self-understanding and self-control, give them positive guidance, and let them feel the amazing benefits of wellbeing resulting from Meditation you give a person health and vitality for life . .




 “ . . . give a person health and vitality for life – to enjoy life as we’re supposed to, to our full potential: and what blossoms is our shining creative self.” SuZen

Namaste, SuZen





Here’s a Refresher on “thrive” . . .

When you think “thrive”, think of all the seemingly small, but necessary daily elements of life as nourishing the miraculous organ you are as a human being. At our essence we are a living organism, on a living Planet, in a living Universe. So, here’s something else I’ve been teaching this for over 20 years : the miracle of our self as an organism, and how we help it maintain balance [or some kind order in the chaos of living]: meditation, in stillness and silence regularly is essential – the teaching never changes, results of practice are always the same . . .



All we are on a physical level as a human being is air, water and food. And physically, our body’s 10-13 trillion cells replace themselves every 100 days [just over 3 months]. How about that for a “slow flow”? And how do we help our organism to replace and renew?





Why we do what we do to thrive: learning to be “you”

I’m a teacher, so repeating myself goes with the job! Small steps, small changes . . . one day at a time: in 100 days from now you’ll be a new you! I’ve said this to you before, I’m sure there’ll be many tellings again. [ Read more about this in my blog  . . . thrive | Rest and Relaxation #1 ]


And, so, let’s talk about repetition and commitment as well as practicalities and practices: we could take the attitude of  “What’s the point in showering we’re only going to get dirty again?” or  “Why bother washing up when we’re only going have to redo it when we reuse the dishes.” Come to think of it, what’s the point in eating, when we’ll be hungry in a few hours time? And of course, sleeping’s unnecessary, too . . .  we just always end up feeling tired again, don’t we? I don’t think I need to say anymore, do I? Some things in life just need to be repeated: and diligently. Daily practice in meditation brings a daily order, or balance . . . bringing the sacred into your day.




A single change doesn’t always effect a permanent transformation. But taking things one step at a time in your day eventually leads to trillions of new cells of “you-ness”. You could try my very simple program “Steps to Silence” : a 7 day short program in spending more time in silence.



Enjoy! suzen

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