Sunday Spirituality | . . words are only . . . Voice of Suzen zen poetry



Unborn MInd

Comes from the VoId

CosmIc Rhythms

AttemptIng the FlowIng through of

Mundane mInds and thought-bodIes



The Mother

gives bIrth

to the unborn

The Mother of ExIstence

BrIngs bIrth, lIfe and death

To our exIstence

As patterns

The Unborn

Is understood

Deep In our wIsdom body

As the flow of the Mother

Through us

And eventually

When the cycle ceases for us

In thIs exIstence

We wIll surrender our wIsdom gIfts


And we wIll fInd that

WIthIn the mother

She Is . .

. . contaIns

the Temple of Man





Can only

PoInt to

The experIence

LIke the fInger poIntIng

To the moon



are not the



. . . suzen





Published by SuZen

Teacher of Zen and Yoga Meditation, Writer and Spoken Word Artist SuZen

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