Monday Motivations | creative chaos a-la zen.vegan.thrive : Return to Tao 174 HZ | One hour meditation energy medicine

Creativity gets chaotic: chaos energy is Primordial Mother feminine energy of process. Our creativity comes from intuition and inspiration and neither can be controlled – this is how I give myself space for the chaos, by producing mantras and meditation energy medicine tracks for chanting, movement meditation and videos: all intended to raise our vibrations.



Peaceful Flute and Rainsticks mixed with a subliminal track at the Schumann Resonance of the Earth’s Heartbeat for an experience of deep peace.



Return to Tao | 174 HZ | Rebirthing into Now | Music Meditation Energy | Innocence Security Love



Return to Tao 174 Hz | One Hour | Peaceful Meditation Energy Music | Meditative Flute and Rainsticks

This is a simple meditation music energy medicine : a return to innocence and harmonising with Divine Feminine process so we can settle into our awareness of inspiration, creativity and constant Universal renewal.

Using headphones to listen enhances the effect of the frequency [ which does aid inner peace and Serotonin release] . In our deep meditation we are constantly “going to the sweet spot” at the Pineal Gland or Bindhu Chakra.

The frequencies I used in the mix/production: Peaceful Flute and Rainsticks/Pure Silence: 174 Hz

Namaste! Enjoy, suZen

Buy the 1 Hour MP3 track in the Bliss Store: this mix has the subliminal 7.83 Hz track

CREDITS: Flute sample: Kerri @ Freesound:  [License]
Pure Silence/Rainsticks mix : SuZen

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