Tuesday Teachings – thrive | Skin #1 : and elimination

When you think “thrive”, think of all the seemingly small, but necessary daily elements of life as the miraculous organ you are as a human being. At our essence we are a living organism, on a living Planet, in a living Universe. So, here’s something else I’ve been teaching this for over 20 years : the miracle of our skin as an organism, and how we help it eliminate toxins: the teaching never changes, results of practice are always the same . . .



All we are on a physical level as a human being is air, water and food. And physically, our body’s 10-13 trillion cells replace themselves every 100 days [just over 3 months]. How about that for a “slow flow”? And how do we help our organism to replace and renew?




Nature loves balance. Your body always strives to be in balance, no matter what you do to it. If you work with it using some pretty simple natural techniques, you can help boost your circulation, rid your body of waste products and toxins – and you might be surprised what you find out about your own body in the process.

Massage and Skin-elimination are two techniques which are vital to restoring and maintaining balance for your body. They go hand in hand, one assists the other. Let’s start here with skin-elimination:


Besides massage and circulation boosting, to successfully get rid of toxins on a regular basis, you need to be using some way of helping your body to eliminate through your skin: dealing with toxins is a daily process for your body-system.

Remember that your skin is the largest organ of elimination of your body–system and the largest part of your immune protection – it will literally throw things off your body that you don’t need. But to do this it has to be healthy, clean and free from debris (that will clog up your pores), so that it can ‘breathe’.

Purity is one of our values in living with zen, and part of our healthy living principles with yoga.

The ways that you can help your body to eliminate are by exfoliating, or clearing off dull, old, dead, dry or flaky skin or by sweating out wastes. And the more ways you find to help your body, the more strain you are taking off your kidneys and liver, and the healthier you will look and feel. This is one technique:

Dry Skin-brushing

This method of skin-elimination and circulation boosting has now passed almost into legend. I haven’t read a book about detoxing, Cellulite, legs, healthy lifestyle changes and re-balancing in the last 20 to 25 years, without it containing this amazingly simple and effective method.

Skin-brushing is invigorating, it will energise you and it directly works on stimulating your lymphatic system.



Dry Skin Body Brushing | Balancing Bodymind  | Amazing, simple and effective skin elimination practice for balancing the bodymind system. I’m teaching you this in the most beautiful way I can for your appreciation of the holistic healing in this self-care practice.


How you do it

You use a Mexican-cactus fibre brush (you will recognize it as a back bath brush, they are wood and bristle, have long handles and oval brush heads.) You use long repetitive strokes, using the brush DRY, on DRY skin, working from your feet up to your neck – and you need only brush your skin for up to five minutes at a time.

This is where homeostasis comes in: more is not more. 10 minutes a day is not ‘better’ than five minutes every other day, your body just gets used to it and the method stops working as well. And you only brush every day for the first week, then start chopping and changing the days you skin-brush to keep tricking your body into getting rid of wastes. By “chopping and changing” your dry-brushing I mean alternate days one week, then random days the next etc.



Why we do what we do to thrive: learning to be “you”

I’m a teacher, so repeating myself goes with the job! Small steps, small changes . . . one day at a time: in 100 days from now you’ll be a new you! I’ve said this to you before, I’m sure there’ll be many tellings again. [ Read more about this in my blog  . . . thrive | Rest and Relaxation #1 ]

And, so, let’s talk about repetition and commitment as well as practicalities and practices: we could take the attitude of  “What’s the point in showering we’re only going to get dirty again?” or  “Why bother washing up when we’re only going have to redo it when we reuse the dishes.” Come to think of it, what’s the point in eating, when we’ll be hungry in a few hours time? And of course, sleeping’s unnecessary, too . . .  we just always end up feeling tired again, don’t we? I don’t think I need to say anymore, do I? Some things in life just need to be repeated: and diligently.

A single change doesn’t always effect a permanent transformation. But taking things one step at a time in your day eventually leads to trillions of new cells of “you-ness”. Proper purification is one of the yogic principles for health and a healthy life: the way we thrive.



Enjoy! suzen

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