Edition #7 Zen Vegan Thrive Weekly | On the “Newsstand” Saturday 9th November | SuZen Editorial

Welcome to this week’s newspaper!

This week I want to introduce an editorial thread on how we’re responding as conscious adults to the future of the world’s children as a regular feature: in today’s edition how Italy is doing this in education.

As usual we have a couple of incisive articles from Dr Vandana Shiva including a Universal Declaration of Rights of Mother Earth – along with good news on how creative Vegan food delivery people can be!!! [Check out the Liverpool Vegan “chippy”].


Paying tribute this week to one of our music legends and their legacy of inspiration, this week featuring David Bowie [check the videos section]. Sometimes it’s good to remember Live Aid?

The video feature in its fourth week now, giving men who have taught us our way forward a voice is in the paper’s lower third: The Revolution Will Not Be Televised: Gil Scott–Heron spoken word artist who inspired the inception of Hip-Hop, Rap etc.

In the video section:  Astrology by Adam Elenbaas | tarot card readings by Nicholas Ashbaugh  | Vegan cooking by Rahel Ama | Plus some chanting and Chakra practice from me.

We go to press today with yet more incredible contributions from the “I Declare World Peace” art movement [check the photos section] and a declaration in the videos by Haerin: “I declare World Peace”.

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Much love
“Live well yourself, live well with others and our Planet”


Our new partnership with Cup and Leaf [Austin, Texas] helps to subsidise the Newspaper with every Tea order you make!

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Teacher of Zen and Yoga Meditation, Writer and Spoken Word Artist SuZen

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