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I left the Wednesday slot on the Blog free purposefully, intuitively wanting to know what would “flow in”. Wisdom is what seems to want to flow . . . but maybe not every Wednesday, so maybe there’ll be a blog or post of some kind, and maybe not. As long as the inspiration keeps coming, I’ll keep going with it. What we’re flowing with by way of inspiration is a new way of distilling wisdom and passing it onto you . . . “Voice of Men”.

Today: Gil Scott-Heron.  The Revolution Will Not Be Televised [1971] : inspired me with the incredible power of people to choose poetry over patriarchy – when I really needed that injection of revolutionary energy.


Wisdom inspiration for your day : The Revolution Will Not Be Televised Gil Scott-Heron




“Gil Scott-Heron released poems as songs, recorded songs that were based on his earliest poems and writings, wrote novels and became a hero to many for his music, activism and his anger. There is always the anger – an often beautiful, passionate anger. An often awkward anger. A very soulful anger. And often it is a very sad anger. But it is the pervasive mood, theme and feeling within his work – and around his work, hovering, piercing, occasionally weighing down; often lifting the work up, helping to place it in your face. And for all the preaching and warning signs in his work, the last two decades of Gil Scott-Heron’s life to date have seen him succumb to the pressures and demons he has so often warned others about.”

Fairfax New Zealand, [Stuff Limited] February 2010



And here’s Gil Scott-Heron talking about what the lyrics meant: you can’t change anything until someone has changed in their mind:

[ Wikipedia: Gil Scott-Heron]

[Image: New York City artist Chico painted this commemorative on the side of a building]


Balance is what happens when you know in your heart something is right.

Enjoy! suzen



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