Edition #6 Zen Vegan Thrive Weekly | On the “Newsstand” Saturday 2nd November | SuZen Editorial

Welcome to this week’s newspaper!

This week I’m introducing the monthly art feature: today we’re starting with the Surrealist artists of the 20th Century: Leonora Carrington was one of the last Surrealists who became a voice for the women’s liberation movement in Mexico City.

Dr Vandana Shiva’s insightful Ecology article this week informs us on Gandhi’s ecological legacy. Also new this week, a spotlight on eco-activists: Paula Marten from Baltimore, South West Ireland is a yogini, long distance swimmer, artist and teacher. Her blog swims with Tips on Turning the Plastic Tide!

And in case we might forget some of our music legends and their legacy of inspiration, this week featuring Leonard Cohen [check the videos section]. Sometimes it’s good to be told by the master that the secret of the Universe is “da do dum dum dum, da do dum dum”! Or . . . “you want it darker . . . ” ?

The video feature in its third week now, giving men who have taught us our way forward a voice is in the paper’s lower third: Song of Myself Walt Whitman: “I swear to you there are divine things more
beautiful than words can tell.”

In the video section: Full documentary on Leonora Carrington | Astrology by Adam Elenbaas | tarot card readings by Ali  | Vegan cooking by Avant Garde Vegan | Vegan daily nutrition by Pick Up Limes | What I call “mad weather” from MrMBB333

And, lastly from me, my guidance for deep cellular healing [could be Ancestral] and how to get your “Flow flowing.

Yet again go to press today with yet more incredible contributions from the “I Declare World Peace” art movement [check the photos section] and a declaration by Aime from Beni, Democratic Republic of Congo . “Peace in the World”.

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Much love
“Live well yourself, live well with others and our Planet”


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Teacher of Zen and Yoga Meditation, Writer and Spoken Word Artist SuZen

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