Monday Motivations | creative chaos a-la zen.vegan.thrive : Whale Song Nature Medicine

Today for Monday Motivation, calmly working with creativity at the centre of our seemingly chaotic Universe, this is one of my energy medicine videos – Whale Song.

We know that physically, as a human being all we are is air, water and food . . . and everything on the physical plane of our existence has its own energetic frequency, our energy medicine which can heal us emotionally, mentally and spiritually. To truly thrive, we balance. Harmony helps. Connecting and communing with Nature in all beings and things brings harmony and heals the anxiety of disconnect. Water element energy lubricates this process.




DEEP ANCESTRAL ENERGY HEALING: the Whale Song assists a return to the connection, security and communion of the Womb for us: on many levels: physical, emotional, spiritual and cellular. And using Whale Song can connect us with our Ancestral Energy, connection through the Umbilical Chord in the Womb that connects us back via our cellular structure through our Matrilineal family lines – or, Great Mother Nature.

Fish [or Water] element is the energy of taking time alone to detach and process: music lubricates this process – “fish” or water element people know this the most, gaining healing from the water sounds of Nature.

Whales are the top of the fish food chain: symbolising discernment for the decisions we need to make in our emotional bodies – working with these energies, and being actively in the energy as emotions pass through our body. In my experience, the Whale Song actively helps and heals this process. Taking us to the silence we need to heal the “sting” of emotions.

The Whale Song, as far as we can know as humans, is the species’ communication and connection channel: as a human we connect with this medicine from Nature for alone time, silence and lubricating the healing process



Meditate with this energy medicine when you feel the need to detach, go deep within to process and commune with Nature’s healing energies. Allow the vibration and frequency of the Whale Song to connect with this medicine from Nature for alone time, silence and lubricating the healing process.

As always, my intention for your healing is woven in with the Energy of the meditation for your medicine healing.

Namaste, SuZen

[Black Whale image by Magda Ehlers from Pexels ]



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