Edition #4 Zen Vegan Thrive Weekly | On the “Newsstand” Saturday 19th October | SuZen Editorial

Welcome to this week’s newspaper!

This week I’m aiming to inspire and uplift with a new section “Voice of Men”, motivational spoken word mostly from the 20th Century. In my opinion as Editor, we’re sadly suffering right now from immature masculine energy: we need guidance like we need air to breathe [and that’s all of us, women and men].

Solving the Climate Crisis is going to depend on Bio-Diversity based Agriculture is Dr Vandana Shiva’s insightful Ecology article.

In our leading features, the monthly music review is  Alpha Circles’ new release “Circles” by Justyn Brodsky of Artist Reach: music aligning with our The Kindest Revolution ethos – as the song lyrics say “we ‘re all singing our own song and the melody is in the key of hope!” And in case we might forget some of our music legends and their legacy of hope, this week featuring Prince’s Purple Rain, and a couple of timeless  covers [check the videos section]. Sometimes it’s good to raise your hand in an air salute and sing “whoo hoo woo hoo . . . ”

The new video feature giving men who have taught us our way forward a voice is in the paper’s lower third: based on Dostoevsky’s essential wisdom: “Beauty will save the world” a precis of Cloud Atlas by Like Songs of Old.

Astrology of Karma is by Adam Elenbaas | Mystical Shaman and Tarot card readings are by San Tarot | Vegan cooking is from Rachel Ama and Avant Garde Vegan | Introduction to minimalism by Pick Up Limes | And, lastly from me, my Dry Skin Brushing guidance to start out on your detox and purifying regime . . . the essence of Sage Vasistha’s truth teachings at the end of the video will open your mind to the importance of self-care.

We go to press again today with yet more incredible contributions from the “I Declare World Peace” art movement [check the photos section] and a touching declaration from a man called Kirubel in Ethiopia. One Love.

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Much love
“Live well yourself, live well with others and our Planet”


Featured image in our Newspaper Banner this week Realization, Elena Ray elenaray.com Twitter @OldChineseMan

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