Friday Tea-time . . . the zen destressing art and our teas | White Tea


Friday again – and time to take time out for our tea-way ritual. This week the focus is on WhiteTea, which would be one of the youngest and truest of the Green Tea family.

White tea comes from the Camellia Sinensis [green tea] plant family and is the least processed of all the true teas. The leaves are simply harvested and dried immediately before packaging. This type of organic tea uses only the youngest tea leaves and buds with the tea getting its name from the silvery-white hairs on the tea leaves.


White Tea Types and Characteristics

Silver Needle is considered the highest quality White Tea being made only from the young tea leaves of the tea plant. This white tea offers a delicate flavour “profile” and it is subtly sweet and silky in texture and with hints of “melon” in the flavour.

The second highest quality white tea is known as White Peony. This tea is made using both buds and leaves of the plant. White Peony has a bolder flavor than Silver Needle, but it is also more readily available and affordable.

Health Benefits

White Tea is a true “tea” and the least processed, making it a delicate tea that packs a hefty punch when it comes to health benefits. White Tea benefits include preventing tooth decay, promoting healthy skin and hair and increased energy and alertness. Drinking a cup a day can help prevent things like the common cold and eliminate free radicals that can cause a list of ailments from acne to Cancer. There have been many research studies of the benefits of drinking White Tea in promoting weight loss, decreasing signs of premature aging . . .  and, being anti-oxidant rich,  preventing certain types of Cancer

As usual, I encourage you to inform yourself and if you’re instinctively drawn to a tea like White Tea for your mind-body-spirit then gen up as much as you can with self-education. Learn more about our Zen Tea-way in my blog.

Enjoy! suzen


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