Wednesday Wisdoms . . . maybe, maybe not!

I left the Wednesday slot on the Blog free purposefully, intuitively wanting to know what would “flow in”. Wisdom is what seems to want to flow . . . but maybe not every Wednesday, so maybe there’ll be a blog or post of some kind, and maybe not. As long as the inspiration keeps coming, I’ll keep going with it.

Wise woman in illuminated prayer. Elena Ray

Okay, this week, I think what will help many of you understand the energy of our world and times a bit better is what I wrote in an article for The Kindest Revolution website, and the video I made some time ago: I’ve been writing and teaching about this energetic theme for some time. Point being, writers teachers and spiritual guides are here right now to distill the wisdom of the passing Age of Pisces.

At the End of the Age of Pisces and Kali Yuga: At this point in time in our history and evolution, on our planet, we’re at the end of the Age of Pisces – astrological ages are 2,000 years. In the Sun’s precessional cycle measured by Equinoxes, the ages are around 2,150 years – and there’s an ending period anything from 50 – 500 years. We’re also at the end of Kali Yuga, the descending or Dark Age . . . [read more]



Enjoy! suzen

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