zen of Destiny . . . nothing is broken

I had 3 sub-titles for this Blog : “Don’t Hold Back on Destiny . . . my zen is always with me” and “zen of Destiny . . . and accepting it exactly as it is”.

I decided on “nothing is broken”: so, zen of Destiny . . . nothing is broken.



This is why I say that: just right now in our lifetimes, at this point on our Planet, in our human evolution we’re exactly where we’re supposed to be doing exactly what we’re supposed to be doing: it might seem like chaos, and a shocking outrage of nature we’re living through . . . but: the ancients knew it was coming, it was prophesied and they prepared some of us [teachers and masters] to deal with it and lead a way forward.

It’s not at all easy to focus on a Sudoku puzzle when the sound of a drill is screeching though the adjacent wall. And it’s not that easy to dance gracefully if you’re carrying a ton of bricks. Having a thoughtful conversation after a bottle of wine isn’t easy either, even if it loosen’s some people’s tongues. Some things are just downright impossible. Sometimes, we find ourselves in circumstances which are not conducive to progress.

We need to look at what’s holding us back. What feels like a problem can be easy to fix. If, and that’s a big IF . . . we know we’re here to appreciate exactly what we’ve got. And, we don’t make any assumptions about timing or have expectations of our environment. With zen we live well in the day, we live well with and appreciate nature and each other: especially we accept that anything and anybody can be our teacher.

Good teachers teach with both love and discipline, with both resources and responsibility.

As a teacher I know, because my teacher taught me how, to teach you to solve your own problems every day so you reach a level of self-mastery and emotional maturity, and along with like minded individuals, be able to say ” . . . this is our destiny”.

Don’t Hold Back on Destiny . . . my zen is always with me

Some people seem to be drawn to problematic situations. If there’s a difficult path to take, they’ll choose that and take it; they have an almost eery and uncanny ability to get themselves into sticky situations. Yet rather than this being a problem, it’s a skill. Just think how dull their lives would be if they could somehow manage to change their deep-rooted psychological tendency to seek out interesting challenges. We’re being challenged now for a reason.

I’m writing this Blog for you as we approach the Dark of the Moon [at September New Moon]: don’t get overwhelmed, and don’t avoid a situation just because it looks difficult. Making small changes in your own life and opening both your mind and your heart works for all of us. This shift holds great potential.

Humanity has survived impending doom, climate change and cultural chaos before – we are incredibly resilient because we adapt: we evolve. One of the things that happens is, when we move forward into a new age [we’re moving into the Astrological Age of Aquarius] the teachers distill the wisdom of the old age for the benefit of the coming generations: so we go into the new with the support of wisdom and knowledge ready for new experiences.

It takes strength, and yes, discipline: we take responsibility for living well as a living being on a living Planet in a living Universe. It doesn’t have to be miserable, we can thrive!

Here are some words from Lao Tzu [Tao Te Ching – or Dao De Ching] to inspire you :
“I know this to be true because I have looked within myself”


Novelist Gabriel García Márquez wrote: “All human beings have three lives: public, private, and secret”. I want to add that during different phases of our lives, as we know from Astrology, one or the other of these three lives might take precedence; and it might need more care than usual. According to what I know of the times we’re living through, our lives in the coming weeks and months will offer abundant vitality and many blessings in the third area: our secret lives.We can most definitely, and are totally supposed to, thrive.

zen of Destiny . . . and accepting it exactly as it is

My prescription for best results: give devoted attention to your hidden depths. As one of my spiritual astrologers told me: “Be a brave explorer of your mysterious riddles.”

We are on the edge of mystery, we’re dancing to the riddles and tunes of an ever changing Universe: live well with, and appreciate, nature exactly as it is for us right now – nothing is broken for us. When we’re the ones already taking care of living well on a daily basis, our zen is always with us.

Enjoy! suZen

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