Friday Tea-time . . . zen and the art of the tea-way to destress and thrive

Zen is not a religion, it is not merely a philosophy. It is a unique way of living simply, with meditation, values and virtues. Zen has been called “the religion without a god” which respects the divinity within all . . .

these are our values and virtues



purity and


the tea way

Elements of the Tea Way are to accept, appreciate and revere what naturally occurs, exactly as it is – in an atmosphere of harmony, tranquillity, purity and reverence: we are all equal when we take time out for tea, with the concerns of the world temporarily distant.

this is the story

Zen Master Eisai who established Zen in Japan in the 12th century, was responsible for bringing the tea ceremony with him from China to Japan, in yet another blending of art, culture and Zen – he brought tea seeds back with him and planted the first tea garden on monastery grounds which eventually lead to the Tea Way: tea drinking as a Zen Art.

my own words on equality, musing over tea

These were my own thoughts on equality and divinity while musing over tea, in my own words, that the light dancing in the dark brought to me this week: in contemplation of respecting what a struggle times of shifting change can be for some of humanity:


Our lives are so fleeting, floating motes

dust on the light of the Universe’s dark canvas

that is the night of the soul

and still, we dance in the mystery


this is a short video




Music is ZenZen, licensed from

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Teacher of Zen and Yoga Meditation, Writer and Spoken Word Artist SuZen

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