Friday Tea-time . . . thrive of the zen tea way | Galangal

Galangal and Lime Flowers Tea


I came upon this totally by chance – the local health food shop was giving away “close to sell-by-date” herbs . . . don’t ask, that’s a discussion for another day . . . intuitively I picked out these two herbs: Galangal is Indian Blue Ginger (one of the ingredients in Thai Red curry paste) this was the dried root.

When I got home I made a tea by infusing half a teaspoon of Galangal with 2 teaspoons of Lime Flowers – it was delicious and seemed to be hitting a “spot” for me.

Researching this combination later that evening, I found that this is a traditional Indian combination which acts as a tonic – or as a relaxant if that is what is needed. Yoga and Ayurveda act like that, the more you need it, the more it gives.

What I also discovered was that it has been used for centuries for skin toning and refreshing. My skin had been feeling dry for a few days previous to this. I carried on drinking the tea for a few more days, my skin brightened considerably – and it was another of those mini-Eureka moments: one more time I had intuitively chosen what I needed, and one more time it was freely available (and also I nearly tripped myself up, walking into the box of give-away herbs).



My suggestion: you can start your art of tea drinking to de-stress on a Friday tea-time with your new chosen tea for the week. Relax and appreciate what nature has given us all!


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